Choosing An Adults Only Hotel for your Romantic Vacation


adults only hotel

An adults only hotel may offer all-inclusive packages that includes your meals and drinks, but this listing of hotels highlights some of the world’s best resorts that do not necessarily offer an all inclusive package – an advantage if you are seeking a vacation with lots of flexibility, especially if you enjoy trying all the dining options your vacation destination has to offer.

Adult hotels do not allow children on the premises, making it a place where you will generally only encounter other couples seeking a romantic vacation. This allows you and your partner a lot of quiet time and privacy.

For the ultimate in romance, choose an adults hotel for your next romantic vacation. These resorts offer luxurious accommodations built for romance. You can choose a resort for adults with an in-room hot tub, a suite with space to spread out and relax, or a resort that offers special spa services, such as an in-room couples massage.

See our Recommended Hotels for Adult Romantic Vacations:


Dominican Republic




St. John’s

St. Lucia

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