Luxury Africa Travel

If you are looking for Africa luxury travel you may be surprised that many people don’t consider coming to Africa for luxury travel. They often think of countries in Europe, such as, France, Italy, and even England. However, for those adventure-inclined travelers, Africa offers a lot more than meets the eye and with such a diverse culture, Africa has something for everyone.

If you travel to southern or eastern Africa, take the opportunity to join a luxury safari! In South Africa, you can explore the expansive Kruger National Park where you can enjoy extreme luxury every step of the way. And, if you are into bird or mammal watching, you’ll have the opportunity to see many of the 500 bird species or hundreds of animal species that live within the park’s barriers.

Why not travel to Ethiopia or even Zimbabwe for even more of a safari adventure. You can take guided walking tours and sleep in different villages, where you’ll find nice gites, guest-houses, and bed and breakfast-like establishments.

Most of the vehicles used for transport throughout these regions are Mercedes equipped with air conditioning and large safety glass windows to maximize viewing and photographic opportunities.

If you want to travel in luxury in Africa without venturing on a safari, you might try northern Africa where you could explore the ancient ruins of Egypt, while cruising in comfort down the Nile River. Or, you could venture into Morocco; ride camels into the desert at night then sit outside your luxury condo beside the Atlantic beach the next day. Morocco also offers the exotic and luxury travel packages in Marrakech, Fez and even Tangier.


Africa luxury travel

Western Africa also holds in its heart some of Africa’s most amazing sights, smells, and sounds. Travel to warm and friendly Senegal, or explore the landlocked, pre-desert of Mali and Burkina Faso in the Dogon region where you can explore the remnants of the Pygmies, who built their small houses on the side of cliffs. Try going into Djenne, Mali to see the world’s largest mud structure – a castle-like mosque that has to be re-made after the rainy season each year. When it comes to travel, why not journey into any region of Africa, while still travelling in luxury?


Try Birdwatching During your Africa Luxury Travel

Besides walking tours and safaris, if you are into bird watching, then Africa has many of the world’s most amazing species. If you search “luxury travel in Africa bird watching safari” online, then you are bound to have a plethora of choices from which to choose.

When you plan your Africa luxury travel package, be sure to read up on the country you’ll be visiting. Even though you stay in some of the nicest establishments that the continent has to offer, be sure that you walk amongst the locals, visit the market, and learn a few words that will really bring a smile to the face of those you meet.

Also, be sure that during your Africa luxury travel romantic vacation that you attempt to respect the local cultures and customs as much as you can. Foreigners and travelers will be forgiven for minor mistakes, but try to dress, act, and even eat appropriately. Also, be careful about drinking the water.

On most luxury travel tours in Africa, you’ll be served bottled mineral water. But, as a minor precaution, go ahead and bring some water treatment tablets or droplets with you. Overall, you’ll have a great trip, one where luxury, excitement, and the best of Africa will come your way.



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