Bahamas Island Vacation

When searching for a  Romantic Bahamas Island vacation, keep in mind that the Bahamas consists of over 700 islands which cover a 750 mile arc – so somewhere in there, is the perfect romantic vacation for you and your partner. Nassau, the capital, is situated on New Providence, which by some twist of fate is one of the smallest of these islands and is home to about two-thirds of the nation’s population!


Nassau Bahamas Island Vacation
Nassau, Bahamas

For anyone who loves the bustle of city life, sees a romantic charm in old colonial style architecture, and doesn’t mind avoiding the main tourist beaches when the cruise liners are in town, Nassau will be a great base from which to explore this, and other islands. If however, you are looking for something a little more intimate for your Bahamas Island vacation, then using Nassau as an arrival/departure city will probably be enough to quench your curiosity to see how the capital looks!

If you decide to stay on Nassau, then you will find that it’s not necessary to rent a car in order to see what the island has to offer. Most people get around quite easily on scooters. There are plenty of resorts to choose from for your Bahamas Island vacation, however some of these are geared to families and so if you are hoping for a romantic escape away from the stresses of parenting these should be avoided, so choose your accommodation with care. Find out which adult only Sandals Resort in Bahamas is right for you.

If you want to tour around the other islands, make sure the accommodation you pick is central to where you need to be for island hopping. If you and your partner just want to chill out on a beach away from it all, then book accommodation that offers you a good secluded beach away from too many beach recreational activities.

Lying only 110 miles from New Providence is Grand Bahama. Despite being the second most popular location in the Bahamas for holiday makers, Grand Bahama maintains a more relaxed atmosphere with Freeport and Lucaya being the most popular tourist destinations on the island. There’s not a great variety of activities and sightseeing trips offered on the island, but if you just want to get away from it all, this could be a good choice for your Bahamas Island vacation.

Honeymoon Ideas for your Bahamas Island Vacation

Exclusive Sale at Sandals Resorts For the ideal picturesque honeymoon spot however, why not consider Abacos, one of the northern Bahamas islands. Here, in the so called “sailing capital of the world” you will find pretty ginger-breaded, painted houses set against white sandy beaches. When you’re tired of the beach, hire a sail or motorboat and take a tour around the island!



Abacos Bahamas Island Vacation
Abacos Bahamas Island Vacation

There are so many islands to choose from within the Bahamas, so you are bound to find one that fits your budget and your idea of a fantasy vacation, but make sure that you check out how accessible the island is and what the transfer times are to and from your arrival/departure airport.

You may find that some islands are accessible only by boat and there’s one connection in and out per day (or less!) so keep that in mind when booking accommodation as you may need to spend a night in Nassau or Freeport depending on the day/time of your arrival/departure.

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Of course instead of committing to a tourist vacation or secluded one, you could always have the best of both worlds on your Bahamas Island vacation, and link up a short stay in Nassau along with a longer stay on one (or on of the other islands).


Bahamas Island Vacation Wedding

And, if you are thinking about getting married, why not get married on the more bustling island of Nassau and then honeymoon on a more intimate romantic island away from the noise of the tourist crowds.

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