Caribbean Honeymoon ideas

The Caribbean honeymoon remains among the most popular honeymoon choices for many. It serves the purpose well.

It offers glorious sunsets, warm beaches and a host of things to do, including doing nothing at all! But the Caribbean is a big place. That’s an advantage for honeymooners because it means you can find an isolated spot for an intimate honeymoon. Or, you can join the excitement and dance on a floor filled with lots of other partiers.

Caribbean honeymoon is the perfect way to start your new life together. It’s warm, romantic, and filled with amazing food and entertainment. So what are the best destinations for a honeymoon in the Caribbean? Let’s take a look at some of our favorites!

Best Locations for a Caribbean Honeymoon

Honeymoons in Antigua

The blue waters of Antigua attract honeymooners from around the world. You’ll rub shoulders with a German couple while you chat with two Japanese about their part of the world. Stay at the hotel named for the sea – Blue Waters – and you can enjoy a classic Caribbean honeymoon vacation.

Head out to the southern tip of the Leeward Islands and take in the lush tropical gardens on the peninsula. The Curtain Bluff Resort is ready to welcome you, under the same management since 1962. Feel the ocean breezes and listen to the birds chirp as you enjoy a quiet rendezvous on the sandy beach.

Honeymoons in Aruba

Fly to Aruba, an island that often tops the lists of best honeymoon destinations. You can get an all inclusive package or mix and match to suit your taste. Scuba dive in the morning then have an outstanding lunch at a Caribbean 4-star restaurant as a part of your Caribbean honeymoon.

You can enjoy your own private condominium or villa in this tropical paradise at the Tierra del Sol Resort. Or, you can stay at the Renaissance Aruba Resort and lounge around the pool. If you want a little excitement get dressed up and visit the casino. Then head back to your room in the adults-only complex for some honeymoon excitement.

Caribbean Honeymoon
Romantic Caribbean Honeymoons

Honeymoons in Cuba

There are many reasons why you should honeymoon in Cuba. For starters, Cuba is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes and plenty of activities to keep you busy. Additionally, the people of Cuba are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and they will make sure your stay is enjoyable. Finally, Cuba is a relatively affordable destination compared to other popular honeymoon destinations.

Varadero is the most popular resort town along the northern coastline, and it’s no wonder why; with soft white sand beaches and plenty of palm trees for shade, Varadero has pretty much everything you could want from a beach resort. The water here is usually clear and calm

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Honeymoons in Jamaica

Jamaica continues to be the choice of honeymoon couples from all over the world. It’s been 45 years since James Bond first walked the sandy beaches here, but the romance and excitement have never dwindled for this Caribbean honeymoon destination.

Stay at Montego Bay and find out what Bond found so fascinating. Just off the doorstep of the Half Moon hotel are white sandy beaches that invite romance while they provide plenty of room to tan. Play some of the best golf courses in the world while you adjust your shot against the ocean breeze. Go kayaking or take a cruise around the island.

Honeymoons in Bahamas

The Bahamas is great, especially for those in the eastern half of the U.S. Close to home (just over 50 miles from Florida), but filled with all the glamour of any Caribbean honeymoon.

Enjoy a stay at the Sandals all-adult, couples-only resort. They offer two beaches on a private island. Go to the spa and be treated to the same amenities as the rich and famous. Enjoy the Greek-style décor of the pool that is part of their all inclusive honeymoon package.

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The Caribbean is a diverse group of islands with different cultures and climates. So, before you choose your destination for the best honeymoon in the world, consider these factors: how much money do you have to spend? How adventurous are you? Where would be most convenient (or affordable) to fly out from or return home at night if it’s not possible to stay on site?

Once you answer those questions, then take into account climate considerations like year-round warm weather vs seasonal changes; beach life vs city life; party atmosphere vs quiet nights by the pool. Then find one that sounds perfect!

Many honeymoon packages are found with all inclusive deals from resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico. See our list of adult only all inclusive resorts and couples only all inclusive resorts.

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