Best Romantic Cruise Ship Vacation


All cruises have an element of romance. But it is important to pick the romantic cruise ship vacation that suits you best as a couple. There are many cruise lines, types of ships, itineraries, price ranges, and so on that it can seem a daunting task to choose the right one.

That is why we are here. Let us give you some suggestions to narrow your choices down and so you know what to look for.

How do you choose the best romantic cruise ship vacation for you? Here are some of the important factors to consider:

Small Ships vs. Large Ships

There is no question that smaller ships offer more intimate and romantic settings. This includes cruise lines such as Windstar, Seabourn, Silversea and Radisson which feature ships that carry fewer than 800 passengers. It also includes the smaller ships of many other lines such as Princess, Holland America, Celebrity and Norwegian. The larger ships may not be as intimate, but they do offer more conveniences, entertainment, dining options and shore excursions for your romantic cruise ship vacation.

They can however carry up to 3,000 passengers and line-ups can occur. If you are into couples rock-climbing, and ice-skating, some the big mega-ships may be up your alley. It really comes down to a personal choice of how you want to spend your time together as a couple.

The question to ask yourselves is do you prefer smaller and more intimate or larger with lots of options?

Exotic vs. Mainstream Itinerary

Most people think romance when they think of exotic locations. These locations tend to be more remote and as a result and less crowded. The downside may be less availability and depending on the location, these itineraries may also be more expensive than the mainstream cruise itineraries.

Family Oriented vs. Romance Oriented

Each ship has a distinct personality which is often reflected in the age of the passengers. Unless you are travelling with your family and hoping to have some couple time too, most couples travelling without children will prefer to focus on more adult oriented activities. There are no adult only cruise ships per say but there are certain things that you can do to avoid this for your romantic cruise ship vacation.

For example, if cruising with families and children is not your idea of a romantic vacation, choose an itinerary that does not appeal to families. The Caribbean typically attracts many families, Europe, Asia, and the more exotic cruise itineraries generally have fewer families.

The time of the year also makes a difference. Basically when school is closed – Christmas, summer, winter breaks, Easter, these are the busiest family travel times. Avoid these times when looking for a more romantic orientation.

Romantic Cruise Vacations

Certain cruise lines also appeal more to families than others. Generally popular family and fun-focussed cruise lines such as Carnival and Norwegian attract families but there are always some exceptions.

Surprisingly the Disney Cruise Line, which most would expect to be 100% family oriented, does a really good job at having lots of “adult only” areas and activities so it is actually a good option for couples and a romantic cruise ship vacation! If not traveling with children, request their Disney Cruise Line “Adult Vacations” booklet.

Ports of Call and Theme Cruises

Ports of call that the ship stops at will also be an important factor in choosing your romantic cruise ship vacation. Does combing the beach of Hawaii or visiting ancient ruins in the Mediterranean appeal to your romantic senses as a couple?

There are also theme cruises that draw passengers together with similar interests. These cruises can be a great way for a couple to enjoy a particular interest together, the catch is that it must be a common interest that is shared by both of you otherwise this type of cruise will be far from romantic!

Theme cruises feature special lectures, gatherings, tours, demonstrations, and performances by top personalities and groups in their subject fields. Often attractions on land are part of the theme. Passenger participation and interaction is encouraged.

Themes include: Music, Opera, Book Club, Yamaha Keyboard Lessons, Berlitz French and Spanish Instruction, Wellness Seminars, Golf, Computer Classes, Sotheby’s, Finance, Entertainment, Film Festival, Smithsonian Art Appreciation, Musical Theatre, Big Band, Jazz, Great Chefs of Hawaii, Great Chefs of California, Faberge Jewellery, Leading Hotels of the World

Choosing The Best Cabin For Your Romantic Cruise Ship Vacation

For whatever ship you choose, we have two recommendations for selecting your cabin:

  1. Do not choose a cabin with bunks! And, if the cabin has two single beds (many do) make sure they can be pushed together.
  2. If it is available and within your budget, choose a balcony, there is nothing more romantic than the warm ocean breezes and a private balcony lets you enjoy them in an intimate setting.

A romantic cruise vacation is an excellent option for a romantic getaway. Find out what details to consider when selecting your romantic cruise. Find out which cruises ships Best Romantic Vacations recommends as the best romantic vacation cruise package.

Kyle and Jo