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Destination wedding Italy why? – Italy is probably THE most popular place to get married in continental Europe, for a number of reason: firstly, because for many people, it is simply the most romantic place in the world, with its amazing artistic heritage, the magnificent landscape itself, the wonderful food and so on; and secondly, Italy has the simplest legal requirements for international couples wanting to be married in a civil ceremony.

When trying to decide where to get married in Italy, you might want to consider steering clear of the larger cities, as Rome, Milan and Naples are notoriously packed with tourists practically year round. For more breatDestinan Wedding Spotshing room, a better view and more reasonable prices, try and head out to the countryside for your destination wedding Italy, where the magnificent views are excellent compensation!

As you might expect, most people who marry in Italy choose to do so in a Roman Catholic church. Unfortunately, it may be harder to hold a traditional Roman Catholic wedding in Italy of all places, as most churches will hesitate to host non-residents. Some priests may require couples to go through a marriage counseling course prior to the ceremony itself, requiring a stay of at least a month before the big day.

Also, unlike Spain, a couple is still required to go through a civil ceremony in addition to a religious ceremony in order to make the wedding legally binding. The requirements for Protestant weddings are somewhat less rigid, and unlike a Roman Catholic ceremony, which is almost always done in a church, a Protestant service can be done on the grounds of a villa or other location of your choice.

If you prefer private gatherings and can afford it, renting a villa or castle for the wedding can be the ideal way to create some fantastic memories.

Many international couples prefer to hold their ceremonies in the gardens of these villas, combining both wedding and reception in one beautiful location. It being Italy, there are an abundance of gorgeous villas available for just such an occasion.

Choose Tuscany for Your Destination Wedding Italy

There are many places to choose from, but for sheer romance, few areas can beat Tuscany. A villa in the Tuscan region not only allows you to hold that private gathering for the wedding, but is also a great place to spend your honeymoon.

Destination Wedding ItalyPlus, if you want really spectacular wedding photographs, you can’t ask for much more than the rugged landscape of the region and that wonderfully luminous light Italy is so famous for!

In Italy, it is the easiest to hold a civil ceremony for your destination wedding Italy.

Unlike most European countries, a destination wedding in Italy has no residency requirements for foreigners wanting to marry on Italian soil.

In addition, the traditional four day wait while the banns are posted is usually waived if neither party to the marriage is an Italian citizen or residing in Italy (though it may be a good idea to arrive four days in advance, just in case).

The civil ceremony is almost always held in the town hall, though some wedding companies can also arrange to have it done at a location of your choice. Like Spain, the most popular months to marry are June and July; the worst month to marry is in August, so if at all possible, avoid an August wedding date.

Most wedding companies will not accommodate couples who insist on an August wedding, as many of their staff, vendors and even priests will be on holiday during that period.

Unlike other countries, most bridal couples in Italy will not rent their outfits, so the selection in the few rental shops in Italy tends to be small, and you should consider either importing your outfits, or having them tailored by an Italian dressmaker.

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There are a fair amount of paperwork to be filed with the registry and/or the church before the marriage is legal, but as the requirements vary depending on the origin country(ies) of the couple, it’s best to consult with the authorities involved well in advance, preferably about 9 months prior to the destination wedding Italy date.

The cost of staging a simple ceremony in the town hall starts from about EUR 1500 and up. If you’re having a church wedding, then the price escalates depending on venue fees, church administration fees, etc, etc.

Come for the wedding and stay for your Italian honeymoon!

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