Best Hawaiian Beaches

You probably want to visit some of the best Hawaiian beaches if you’re planning a Hawaii vacation. Hawaii is known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so any beach you visit probably will not disappoint. But if you want to find the best beach in Hawaii for your wants and needs, do a little research before your romantic vacation.

First, decide what your best Hawaiian beaches would be like. Perhaps you want a quiet, romantic beach for a sunset picnic. Or maybe you want to go where there is a lot of action, swimming and surfing. Many travelers like to visit one of Hawaii’s black-sand beaches during their vacation.

When deciding which Hawaiian beaches are best, ask others you know who have traveled to Hawaii. These people have first-hand knowledge and will probably give you their honest opinions of the beaches they visited during a Hawaii vacation.

Next, you might want to expand your research by doing some Internet searches or talking with your travel agent. There is a wealth of information available online about Hawaii, including many listings of the best Hawaiian beaches.

Here are some recommendations to get your started in planning your Hawaii vacation: Secluded Hawaii beaches

Best Hawaiian beaches - Photo from Hawaii Visitors BureauKalama Beach in Oahu is known for being a more private beach. It is on Kailua Bay, which makes the water here calmer than it is on Pacific Ocean beaches. The calmer waves also make Kalama Beach one of the best Hawaiian beaches for first-time surfers.

In Maui, try Palauea Beach. There are usually less crowds at this Hawaiian beach because it is along one of the last few undeveloped pieces of Hawaii\’s shoreline. It is the perfect spot for a sunset picnic during your romantic vacation.

For the ultimate in privacy, spend a day at Polihua Beach on Lanai. This is considered one of the best Hawaiian beaches because it is so secluded. You can only get to Polihua Beach by boat or a long drive down a dirt road. But when you arrive, you will often have this entire Hawaii beach to yourself.

Hawaii beaches for surfing

Wailea Beach in Maui is one of the most popular Hawaiian beaches. You can swim, surf and snorkel here. There are also shops and restaurants nearby the Hawaii beach. If you are looking for a beach with lots of action and plenty of your fellow Hawaii travelers, Wailea Beach might be the best Hawaii beach for you.

If you are hoping to see some professional surfers in action during your Hawaii vacation, one of the best Hawaiian beaches is Sunset Beach on the north shore of Oahu. Sunset Beach is famous for hosting the World Surfing Cup. If you are interested in trying to catch a wave, you can rent surfing equipment right on the beach.

Hawaii black-sand beaches

If you want to visit one of Hawaii’s famous black-sand beaches, you might Waianapanapa Beach in Maui. The black sand here is actually tiny volcanic lava pebbles. Waianapanapa Beach is a great place for photos, with lava cliffs and even a sea arch nearby.

Punalu’u Beach is also considered one of the best Hawaiian beaches. This beach is near the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island. If you visit Punalu’u Beach, you might even see some endangered wildlife, such as a green sea turtle. Hawaii vacationers are asked to keep their distance from these ancient ocean wonders, to protect them from harm and disease.

Hawaii is filled with beautiful beaches. By doing a little research before your Hawaii vacation, you can plan to visit the best Hawaiian beaches for your wants and desires.

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