Florida Romantic Getaway

Couples can also have great Florida romantic getaway among the theme parks and attractions even though the Sunshine State is usually known as a families’ destination.

Florida has great weather year round, so if you are looking for romance, you probably should avoid any main holiday periods when the attractions will be full of little ones and the beaches packed with teens, but as you’d be very unlucky to find yourself in Florida when the weather is bad, the rest of the year is open to you.

Florida Couple VacationWhat kind of Florida romantic getaway appeals to you and your partner? Do you want to experience the fun and excitement of the roller coasters and famous theme parks? Or are you looking for something a little more back to nature? Do you both enjoy looking at architecture, or lazing on a beautiful beach?

Does romance mean sharing an enthusiasm for swimming with dolphins, car racing or dreaming about space travel? Whatever you are looking for in a perfect romantic getaway, Florida has it, but it might not be in all in one place – and that’s where the planning comes in!

Florida is a big State and depending on what you want to do, you will probably find yourself wanting to explore at least two different areas. One way of doing this will be to fly into one city such as Orlando, and out of another, such as Miami.

If you rent a car you can use Orlando as your base for such trips as Daytona and the Kennedy Space Center on the Atlantic Ocean coast; and St Petersburg on the Gulf Coast, before driving down the country to Miami. If you get tired of Miami you could even drive further down the State and visit the Keys (Key West has the distinction of having the highest temperature in the United States).

Another option would be to decide what attractions and activities you want to do – for example do you want to visit the old Fort at St. Augustine, take an air boat ride out into the Everglades and enjoy some sun time on a beach in St. Petersburg? Then your Florida romantic getaway might be better to be one that is a three center fly drive vacation where you fly into the airport of your choice and then drive down one side of Florida as far as your furthest south destination and then turn around and drive up the other side of the State.

If you prefer a scheduled vacation, make your hotel reservations prior to departure and keep to an itinerary, but if you think that being spontaneous is more romantic just making your hotel reservations along the way – usually booking a day ahead takes the stress out of spending some of each day wondering where you will sleep that night. Remember that at popular times of the year accommodation may not be too easy to find so it will be wise to book in advance if you are traveling during high season.

More Ideas for a Florida Romantic Getaway

For many couples, time spent together is a prized possession. When planning romantic Florida vacation for two, it’s important to find an experience that will fulfill both partners’ desires.

There are some wonderful romantic Florida vacations on offer in the state of Florida. From quiet weekends away to action-packed weeklong expeditions, Florida has something to suit every couple. Here are some more ideas for romantic Florida vacations for couples:

Romantic Beaches – Florida ‘s coastline is made up of hundreds of miles of pristine beaches perfect for romantic Florida vacations. Splashing in Florida’s crystal-clear waters, watching Florida sunsets together and building sandcastles are some ideas for Florida beach activities.

Romantic Dinners – Restaurants in Florida offer all kinds of cuisine. Enjoy oysters at a waterfront restaurant near the beach as you watch the waves roll in, dine by candlelight at a fine-dining establishment where you can dance afterwards or order Florida’s own stone crabs. Whatever you choose, every romantic Florida vacation dinner should end with Floridian strawberries for dessert.

Romantic Lodgings – There are Florida hotels in every price range, making it easy to find the perfect romantic Florida vacation lodging fit for two. A Florida beachfront hotel or a Florida themed resort may be just the ticket if you’re looking for somewhere unforgettable.

These ideas will get your creative juices flowing and open your eyes to the possibilities of planning out-of-this-world romantic Florida vacations!

Florida is probably the playground capital of the United States and it’s perfect for a romantic getaway. Whether you are five or fifty five there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this aptly named Sunshine State, and sharing the fun with a partner makes the experience of a Florida romantic getaway so much more enjoyable.

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