What’s the best honeymoon destination in the world? The one YOU want to visit, of course. Naturally, that will vary from one couple to the next. Still, there are a number of outstanding honeymoon destinations that rank high year after year.


Tahiti is often near the top of the list. That won’t surprise anyone. Ever since Marlon Brando made love to his bride on this tropical island, other couples have been curious to see why. Ok, it probably happened long before. But nothing spells romance like a good movie.

Go snorkeling in crystal clear green waters. Dry off on the sun-kissed beaches while you kiss each other. You can continue back in your private bungalow. Then take off for a bicycle tour around lush green jungles. Relax later at one of the world-class spas where you can both be treated like movie stars. And then you will know why it is on the top rank when it comes to honeymoon destination


Another tropical paradise that makes the ‘Top 10’ lists is Fiji. No wonder. Look up ‘breathtaking sunsets’ in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of Fiji. Ride horseback through the surf next to pure blue water. Look down and see the bottom. Then go scuba diving and touch it.14

Honeymoon packages include the finest of French champagnes as you celebrate your new marriage. Stay at Turtle Island and you’ll enjoy a quiet romantic dinner on the pier. It’s no wonder the producers of the Blue Lagoon film chose to shoot in this popular honeymoon destination. No sets required. This is the real thing.

Maybe you like the idea of seeing the Pacific, but a tropical isle isn’t what you had in mind for a honeymoon destination. Simple; go to Australia and New Zealand. Often mentioned together, each has a unique atmosphere.Australia

Sydney offers all that a big city can to any honeymoon couple looking for that. Museums, boat rides or even a trip to the desert or mountains is an option here. New Zealand is lush and laid back. You’ll find some of the world’s most beautiful gorges on this green mountain paradise. Later you can sip one of the world’s best wines at a winery right on the island.

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South Africa

This isn’t one that comes to mind for many couples looking for honeymoon destinations. Yet it frequently ranks in the top 20. The reasons aren’t hard to see. South Africa provides everything from exciting nightclubs to dense jungles. You can prowl around the dance floor setting. Or, you can enjoy tours where the leopards hunt you.

For a safer look at the animals, visit the Johannesburg Zoo then make your way back to your 4-star hotel. Take a short flight to Kruger National Park and stay in the Sabi Sands area. You’ll easily find first-class accommodations at a private lodge.

No matter what country or atmosphere you want for your unique honeymoon, there’s a unique spot that offers it. If you can’t decide, put on a blindfold and spin the globe. Your finger will very likely come down on one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world.

Kyle and Jo