Honeymoon ideas come to couple\’s mind before they even start planning their wedding! But one of the many great rewards that come from thinking ahead is taking that perfect honeymoon trip. These too take a little planning, but of a type that is incredible fun.

romantic cruise to Caribbean is the perfect honeymoon idea for many. Lying out on sunny beaches in winter helps get your heart racing while you relax. Love is a paradox, so why not? But if cruising is your style, there are a lot more choices, including Tahiti, Mexico or even Scandinavia.No one size fits all, of course. The ‘best’ honeymoon is the one that’s best for each individual couple. And by that measure, the options are endless. Consider the following ideas to have the most romantic honeymoon…….

Picture yourself sailing around the Greek Isles or the Mediterranean. Set off on a voyage to the south ofFrance while you explore each other. Stop over in Lisbon or Barcelona. Enjoy the ocean breeze off Hawaii, or ship off to Alaska and enjoy the surprisingly warm summers as you look for grizzly bears.15

If you and your new spouse are animal lovers, or connoisseurs of the great outdoors, it doesn’t get any greater than Africa. One of the great honeymoon ideas will be to take the Honeymoon safari packages that are plentiful in this region. Or you can just sail down the Nile. Take a trek across the veldt. Explore the mountain jungles and see live gorillas outside a zoo for the first time.

Africa, is an incredibly diverse continent that offers far more than crocodiles and monkeys. See the elephants of Tanzania and enjoy the most spectacular sunsets on the planet. Stay at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge on the edge of the Serengeti in Tanzania. Or, try the Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Whichever it is, you will love this great honeymoon idea.

Maybe you’re planning a June wedding but still want to include skiing as part of your honeymoon. No problem. Anything south of the equator will find you in the middle of the winter season. Head to Thredbo, Jindabyne, Smiggen Holes or any dozen other popular ski resorts in the land down under, Australia and find how romantic this particular honeymoon idea turned out to be!Maybe you’d like to incorporate your favorite winter sport, one of the honeymoon ideas you can think of is going skiing vacation.No matter where you live, it’s winter somewhere that offers a great honeymoon destination spot. You can enjoy a snow bound lodge in Montana in February while you ski Big Sky near Yellowstone National Park. Or, head for Chamonix in the French Alps. Club Med offers honeymoon packages that are affordable and offer lots of extras like great dining and outstanding accommodations.

Ah, but you are the romantic type your honeymoon ideas cannot go beyond tropical paradise. Your dreams are only a flight or cruise away. You can find honeymoon packages for Tahiti, St. Barts, Antigua or a dozen other perennially popular tropicalhoneymoon destinations. Go snorkeling while the rest of the Northern Hemisphere shivers. Stretch out on the beach and develop some tan lines to explore back in your bungalow.

No matter what country you see as your ideal honeymoon destination, no matter what atmosphere you’re after for that special trip, there is a whole world of choices just waiting for you. All you need to do is think about your perfect honeymoon ideas.

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Kyle and Jo