Honeymoon planning should be taken side by side your wedding plans. You spent months working out the place, the guest list, the clothes…. It was endless. But it is not necessary that it has to be complicated and elaborate like your wedding plan! A few simple tasks, an email here and there, and you can be set for the trip of a lifetime.

Rather than try to pick the exact destination as the first step of your honeymoon planning, start by considering the type of honeymoon atmosphere you want. Do tropical beaches appeal to you? Maybe laying on the beach is about as exciting to you as filling out your tax form. Everyone is unique. The green hills of Ireland will sound romantic to one couple. Another may prefer sunny Rome. Still others may find Aruba the perfect honeymoon atmosphere. Choosing isolated versus metropolitan versus tropical will help guide your specific destination choice.Topic number one in honeymoon planning, of course, is where to go. Sure, you could argue about it until your 50th wedding anniversary. But this can actually be one of the most fun parts of the whole experience. You had enough in common to get married. You can agree on a honeymoon destination.

Once you know the type and place, the next step of your honeymoon planning is drawing up a budget. You might have received an all inclusive honeymoon vacation as a wedding gift. Signing up at a Honeymoon Registry will improve your odds, too! But even on your own, there’s a place to suit every budget.

Part of the process, which will affect choice of location and budgeting, is deciding on a time of year. Your wedding can take place in June, but your honeymoon planning can be centered on February. You get to relax from all the craziness leading up to the wedding and can take advantage of off-season rates. Cruises and hotels often lower their prices during these periods.Inexpensive packages are available for honeymoon couples in Las Vegas. Or, suppose you live in London, your honeymoon planning may center on a trip to France. After soaking in the laid back, perfect honeymoon atmosphere of Paris, you can stay in a château in the wine country for a very modest cost. The train trip in and out is easy and gives you something extra to do. For those with more to spend, of course, the options become wider. But even the Hotel Ritz in Madrid offers terrific deals for newlyweds.

Take into account that when it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere it’s winter in the Southern, and vice versa. If you get married January 1 in Chicago, it’s still January 1 in Sydney. But while you’re fighting ice, the Australians are baking in the sun! The key to any successful honeymoon planning is to explore all your options early. Sure, your mind is filled with all the things you need to do to have the wedding come off perfectly. So treat yourself and look into the honeymoon of your choice. Location, budget and more will all be easier if you take it one step at a time well in advance.

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Kyle and Jo