Where to go? Where to go? Where to go on your honeymoon vacation…. Isn’t that the question running around in your mind?

There are dozens of affordable honeymoon vacations for every country, activity or style you can imagine.Budget, time and a thousand different choices – not to mention different tastes between husband and wife – all make the decision hard. Fortunately, you can hardly go wrong.


Aruba remains one of the top honeymoon destinations around, year after year. This island 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela remains warm and sunny all year. It’s only a few hours by plane from New York and many cruise ships make it a stop along the way to other ports of call. This makes this place the perfect place for the ultimate honeymoon vacation.

Miles of white sandy beaches offer the chance to laze around and soak up the sun. Or, you can set off on a romantic horseback ride you’ll remember for a lifetime. Take a boat tour of the surrounding waters and marvel at all the undersea life you’ll see from your glass-bottomed transport.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica continues to rank high among newlyweds seeking a honeymoon vacation spot. This country in Central America squeezed between Panama and Nicaragua offers lush mountains with breathtaking waterfalls. Honeymooners can go whitewater rafting or visit the Irazu volcano. Scuba dive in the morning then have lunch and go out for kayaking later in the day. Visit Makanda by the Sea and enjoy the rainforest gardens set high above the Costa Rican coastline.

Maybe you like sun, but want something with a little more evidence of civilization in your honeymoon vacation. Easy, then your choices are…

Italy offers a huge variety of options to explore. The Italian Alps provides skiing and breathtaking natural views from the chalet. Or, tour Turin and see some of the sights that have thrilled honeymoon couples for nearly 2,000 years.Italy

You and your new spouse might enjoy a little museum hopping as a part of your honeymoon vacation. Visit the Egyptian Museum or the Agnelli Picture Gallery. Do a little shopping then settle down in an outdoor cafe and hold hands while you watch the world walk by.


Don’t neglect to consider England, either. It may not be the first place that pops to mind when considering romantic honeymoon vacations. But it should be. After all courtly love was popular here centuries ago and has never faded.

Take a tour of Leeds Castle in Maidstone, Kent and see where real courtly love was practiced. You’ll come away knowing why it’s called the loveliest castle in the world. Vacation packages include tours of the rolling green countryside and many other extras.

If you prefer the sea, check out the Isle of Wight. Honeymoon packages include sailing, powerboat racing and other water-oriented activities. Check out some of the famed churches by day then visit a nightclub that evening. Where else can you get the sacred and the sexy in one honeymoon spot?

Whatever type of honeymoon vacation you seek, there are spots around the world that offer affordable packages.

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Kyle and Jo