Romantic Honeymoon Vacations – How to Plan the Honeymoon of Your Dreams

Honeymoon vacationsIt also allows time for the two of you to relax after the stress of planning the wedding.
Marriages should start filled with love, joy and enjoying each other, and there’s no better way to do that than planning the best honeymoon vacation that will be romantic, relaxing and of course, unforgettable.

So you have planned the wedding, the cake is ordered, the invitations are out and the your friends and family can’t wait. Now, it’s time to do something just for the two of you – plan your romantic honeymoon vacation!


So where do you start? Best Romantic Vacations is here to help, follow these ten steps and your honeymoon vacation planning will be stress free:


Best Romantic Honeymoon Vacations #1 – Plan your Honeymoon Together

Honeymoon planning should be done together to make sure it is the romantic vacation that you both want. If one person loves relaxing on the beach and the other is an adventure hunter, some compromise will have to occur. Talk about your expectations and priorities and make the final decisions together.

Best Romantic Honeymoon #2 – Plan your Budget

If you have not included your honeymoon into your total wedding budget, you should set up a ballpark figure on how much you want to spend. How much you can afford will set the basis for where you will be able to go and for how long.

Best Romantic Honeymoon #3 – Decide for How Long

Romantic Honeymoon Most people take a week for their honeymoon but of course anything goes. If you can only get a few days off from work, don’t worry, you can still plan something special. Some couples now take a mini-honeymoon vacation right after their wedding and then take a longer vacation later or on their first wedding anniversary.

Best Romantic Honeymoon Vacations #4 – Decide When You Will Depart

Do you want to leave the next day? Be careful of flights leaving first thing in the morning, after the wedding you will be tired and it will be stressful to make sure you have everything you need. The options are leaving later in the day, or later in the week. Choose what works best for the two of you.

Best Romantic Honeymoon #5 – Decide What Type of Vacation You Enjoy

Do you want somewhere with sand or snow? Do you want to go someplace far away and new, or stay closer to home? Do you want to go somewhere where their will be other couples to mingle with, or someplace more secluded and private? Do you want to be in a city with museums, restaurants and nightlife or, do you want to be closer to nature?

A fun way to do this is each write down three ideal vacations and then compare lists. If any match, you have a winner, if they don’t, each pick the top one and arm wrestle! Just kidding, talk it out and compromise until you are both happy.

Best Romantic Honeymoon Vacations #6 – Narrow Down You Destinations

Once you know what type of honeymoon vacation you want, select some destinations. Obviously, if you want a beach vacation, you will be looking at the Caribbean and Hawaii. Looking for culture – Europe will be on your list. Ask friends, look at brochures, visit a travel agent, go online and do your research and then narrow it down to a couple top spots.

Best Romantic Honeymoon #7 – Choose your Resort, Hotel or Cruise Ship

Once you know where you want to go, do the same process and narrow down a few resorts, hotels, or cruise lines that you would like. Again, research, ask questions and in the end, pick the one that you really love and meets all your criteria.

Best Romantic Honeymoon #8 – Book Early And Avoid Disappointment

Romantic Honeymoon Once you have done all your homework, have set your budget, determined what kind of holiday the two of you want, decided where you are going to go, and have a good idea of a few resorts that you would love to stay at – book it! The earlier the better, after all that work, you don\’t want to be disappointed to find the hotel or flights or cruise sold out.

Best Romantic Honeymoon Vacations #9 – Make Sure You Have the Proper Travel Documents

Do you have valid passports if you are travelling out of the country? Do you have a valid Drivers License if you are renting a car? If you going to Europe, do you need a Visa? Don\’t forget travel insurance, it is extremely important!

A good tip for the bride to be is to use your maiden name when booking your reservations. Unless you\’re taking a delayed honeymoon, you won\’t have time to change the name on your passport and driver\’s license. Use your maiden name on visas, airline tickets, etc., so they match as it appears on your official documents.

Best Romantic Honeymoon Vacations #10 – Learn About Where You Are Going and Get Excited

Do some research online, visit the library or get some guide books and learn about where you will be visiting. Find out what there is to see and do and get excited about your honeymoon vacation!.

The best part is that this your honeymoon, your first chance time to spend some time together as husband and wife, and as long as you focus on each other, it will be an amazing way to start the rest of your lives together……

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