How To Spice Up A Relationship and Keep The Romance Alive

So what are the ways how to spice up a relationship and keep it fresh and erotic? In a marriage or any long term relationship, it is usually the woman who is most likely to complain that the romance is gone or missing from the relationship.

So what are the ways how to spice up a relationship and keep it fresh and erotic? In a marriage or any long term relationship, it is usually the woman who is most likely to complain that the romance is gone or missing from the relationship.

After several years of being together, you might have become so used to each other that you both tend to forget how to spice up a relationship with romance.

The secret to a healthy and a happy relationship is to re-vitalize it by constantly thinking of ways to renew your love and make each other feel how important you are to your partner.

Here are some tips on how to spice up a relationship so you can re-introduce romance into your love life to liven things up:

1. Reminisce about the good times that you had together.

Spice Up Your Love LifeLife is too short to spend time dwelling on the bad things. Instead, turn it around and make the best out of the good times that you had together.

Re-visit a romantic vacation spot where you celebrated your anniversary.

For the husbands, “court” your wife again. Schedule regular dates and spend some time away from work, your house and your children.

Having some ‘alone\’ time together will surely liven things up a bit and start putting the romance back into your relationship.

2. Be more understanding and tolerant of your partner\’s mistakes.

It is said that the first few years of marriage or relationship are the best times that you have as a couple.

As the years pass, you get to be more lax in showing your affection to your partner. You argue about little things and you find the partnership stifling.

If you learn to become more understanding and tolerant of the other\’s shortcomings, a lot of petty fights will be prevented. Also, learn to be more sensitive to the needs of one another.

With a sprinkling of a more positive outlook in your married life, you\’re sure to be get back on track learn how to spice up a relationship

3. Be honest with your feelings.

Generally, there is a misconception that you love your mate for what you think he or she is. In reality, you fell in love because of what you think that person will become for you. You expect your partner to change or be someone that they are actually not. This could lead to a lot of hurt and misunderstanding between a couple. Instead of trying to mold your partner into someone that you want them to be, why not look the other way?

Find out what your partner thinks you should improve on. Try to think if this change will bring about a better you. This could lead to a lot more room for improvement in your married life, and allow your partner be happier with the new you.

4. Try to express your love for each other freely and be generous with compliments.

Nobody ever turns a good compliment down. As a couple, freely complimenting each other – and doing this often – would help put the romance back into your love life.

Also, over the years, you tend to overlook the basic things like thanking our partner for a favor done, or complimenting them on looking great or saying I love you. This is a surfire way on how to spice up a relationship.

If you just go back to basics and not forget these simple courtesies, you will have a more respectful relationship that you both will be contented with.

5. Talk and listen at the same time.

A typical household problem is the wife nagging her husband. Try to prevent this by listening to each other and then take the time to let the other talk.

Men are not compelled to talk as often as women. Try to balance this by making your husband talk while you listen, because he will likely just listen while you do the talking.

Keeping your communications open is another way on how to spice up a relationship.

6. Take a vacation together.

One of the most effective and sure fire ways to put romance back into your love life is by getting away from the day to day and focusing on each other. Time to relax allow time for more play and time to be senuous with each other again. You will come back more in tune with each other and ready to take on the world

Having your partner see you in a new light will may put the passion back into your marriage.

All in all, you still need to “work” on keeping any relationship strong and alive.

By re-introducing romance into your relationship, you are just might live the rest of your life to the fullest and that is how to spice up a relationship!

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