New York City at night is always a good place to have some fun in. You are looking for something that you want to go for a romantic getaway. You spot something that sparks your interest. It is the place where all that sparkles shines in the evening: New York City. Why not have a getaway there and stay in the famous Times Square area?

Where to stay

One of the best hotels you can stay at in Times Square is on Broadway. That hotel is the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel. This is a newly renovated hotel and it offers impeccable service. It is set in the theater district and has six excellent restaurants and lounges.

The places you can visit

Enjoy a stroll along Fifth Avenue from the hotel. You can also visit Rockefeller Center, take a stop at St. Patrick’s Cathedral or just take an elevator ride to the top of the Empire State Building and just think of that scene from the movie “An Affair to Remember” and try to relive it. Or you can try King Kong if you want – minus one big hairy ape.

Where to eat and enjoy

Shops are many and not far away is also Madison Square Garden. The best thing you should take advantage though in New York City is the nightlife it offers for everyone. There are hundreds of restaurants, bars and nightclubs to choose from. Just choose from the Rainbow Room to the Tonic Time Square to W New York. There are just a lot of them.

There is this great comedy club which is the Times Square Arts Center. Due to the rave reviews from the crowds, you can enjoy comedic performances as well as Karaoke. There is a great supper club called Swing 46 if you love jazz. You can sit back and enjoy the entertainment while they offer you a wonderful menu. Swing 46 will give you the best “In the Mood!” from 5 pm to midnight.

If you want some dining and dancing though, you can try the Rainbow Room at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. It has great cuisine, great atmosphere and the evenings are always filled friendly people. If you want some intimate dinner then you can try one of the coolest places in Manhattan, New York: Zanzibar located at 645 9th Avenue.

Whether it is about the stay, the scrumptious food or the great places, New York City at night always know how to wing it! Come and visit sometime and enjoy your night. This is what best romantic vacations are made of.

Kyle and Jo