Plan A New York Romantic Getaway

If you are looking for a New York romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or just a special romantic weekend, New York City is one of the top romantic cities. There are many romantic places if you’re looking to romance your beloved any time of year.

Almost 40 million tourists from around the world visit New York City every year. What they discover is a lively city, dense with museums, parks, theaters, shops, renowned buildings and residents as distinctive as themselves and a favorite place for a romantic vacation.

Far from its sometimes mythical portrait, New York is one of the safest large cities for tourists anywhere on the planet. It has the lowest crime rate of any major American city. For a metropolis with over 8 million residents and a population density over 26,000 per square mile (Manhattan is almost 67,000 per square mile), that’s impressive.
nyc_couple2Divided, more or less by geographical boundaries, the city is made up of of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. Each has its noticeable identity and is chock full of things to see and do.

Weather year-round ranges from invigorating to mildly uncomfortable. Winters can be frosty, but there’s scarcely snow. Spring and Fall bring enjoyable temperatures and moderate rain, but the rainfall seldom lasts longer than a few of hours at a time, perfect for a New York romantic getaway. Summers are usually sticky and can reach the high 80s or more. (Fahrenheit, high 20s Celsius.)

Popular Areas in NYC

The Bronx, Staten Island and Queens ordinarily hold fewer attractions for tourists, although there are exceptions.

Staten Island is mainly suburban, but the Ferry ride to and from Manhattan is a treat for those who enjoy the Atlantic Ocean breezes. Both baseball and tennis can be found in spring and summer in Queens.

Brooklyn is home to many world-famous parks and museums and is only an hour away via the modest-cost, easy-to-navigate subway. The art museum alone is worth the trip during your New York romantic getaway and don’t forget to visit historical, but still fashionable, Coney Island.

Most of the bigger attractions are in Manhattan, a cigar-shaped island about three miles wide by 22 miles long. Easy to navigate even for the stranger, almost all the streets run either North-South or East-West.

From the East River (FDR Drive) there’s 1st Avenue, through Fifth along the mid-section to 12th Avenue running North-South along the Hudson River. From about 12th Street (not 12th Avenue!), the streets increase in number as you travel north.

So, if you’re at 42nd Street, walk 17 short blocks north and you’ll hit Columbus Circle at 59th Street. A little farther and you’ll find Lincoln Center, a large center for music and theater and dance performances. Easy!
Travel prices, as they are with most destinations, tend to be higher in the prime season of mid-spring to early fall, but the great thing about New York is it’s extraordinary for a New York romantic getaway year round.

Skiing trips in winter are available by traveling a few hours upstate by train, and late Fall is still mild enough to enjoy the leaves in Central Park as you stroll through the Zoo.

There are far more things to do and see than anyone could in just one visit, so plan many visits and experience all that the romantic magic that a New York romantic getaway has to offer.

New York Romantic Getaway Tips

Have a look at what we recommend on your romantic New York vacation:

  • Central Park New York What better place than Central Park New York to have a romantic break on your vacation.
  • Empire State Building of NYC Your visit would not be complete without a trip to the Empire State Building of NYC. The Empire State Building in mid-town Manhattan has justifiably been called the eighth wonder of the world.
  • Rockefeller Center Welcome to the ‘city within a city’ – Rockefeller Center. Everyone has heard or seen the Rockefeller Center ice skating.
  • New York City at Night New York City at night is always a good place to have some fun in. You are looking for something that you want to go for a romantic getaway.
Kyle and Jo