Choices for Quebec City accommodation is as rich and varied as the city itself. Within the city walls of Quebec City lies a gem which is made for couples to explore on foot.

Whether it’s the through the 400 year old historic districts of the city, or exploring forts, museums, art galleries and stores, you are sure to find romance in this World Heritage Treasure. Although French is the main language spoken in this part of Canada, people are used to speaking English so language isn’t a problem, but you will find that most signs and literature is available in both languages.

As with all vacations, one of the main things that you need to plan before leaving home is where you are going to stay on your vacation. Whether you need a place to throw your sleeping bag, or you’re looking for something that’s going to be a once in a lifetime experience, Quebec City accommodation has an answer to your needs.

Weather in Quebec City is warm in the summer, but in the winter it becomes a winter playground of freezing temperatures and snow/ice filled streets. It is these same cold temperatures that give Quebec City one of the jewel’s in unique accommodation options in the world, namely the Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada. This hotel is actually the second hotel of its kind but it’s the only one in North America (the other is in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden) and it’s something that it’s not to be missed if you are traveling to the area during the season that it’s open.

Taking five weeks to construct once the weather conditions are favorable, and melting in April, the Ice Hotel has a limited
Ice Hotel

Ice_hotelreservation period (and only has space for 80 guests at any one time), but if you can coincide your vacation with the times that its curtains (there aren’t doors – and that’s just your introduction to this hotel out of a winter fantasy picture book) open, then you’ll find yourself in an ice palace where the romance of the experience (and the hotel’s hot tubs) will keep you and your partner warm.

The Ice Hotel has many features that you’d find in any usual hotel such as a movie theatre, ballroom and even a chapel where you can get married, but there aren’t many other hotels in the world where you are offered a sleeping bag placed on top of a deer skin covered ice slab for your night’s accommodation! It’s not something that you’d want to do every night of your vacation, but the novelty factor alone makes it a great place for one night of your trip to Quebec City – imagine sipping hot chocolate in front of a warm fire (with your gloves still on!) after a sleigh brings you and your partner to the front of this ice palace, what could be more romantic than that? For those who desire a little more comfort, or aren’t too sure if they can endure the cold long enough for the full experience, you are allowed to tour this Quebec City accommodation choice before making your reservation if you prefer.

chateau_frontenacAnother of Quebec City accommodation gems is the historic Fairmont Chateau Frontenac. Being the opposite of the Ice Hotel, the Chateau Frontenac will cater to your every whim and allow you to relax in the luxury of this castle-like former fortress. With gourmet restaurants, an indoor swimming pool and fitness center and even a golf course – the Chateau Frontenac will give you a relaxing place to return to after your day of exploring the delights of the city which is almost on its doorstep. Although they also offer a complete wedding service at the hotel, you could also just consider their honeymoon package as a great way to starting your married life on a high note.

Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say about Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

For romance on a less expensive scale, you could try one of the bed and breakfast establishments. Here you can enjoy the intimacy and warmth of a smaller family run hotel while still having some of the amenities and romantic historic atmosphere of the Chateau Frontenac.

Quebec City accommodation is varied and caters for all budgets, but one thing you are almost assured for is a warm welcome from the people of this beautiful city – you’ll definitely be choosing to say “au revoir” instead of goodbye when your vacation is over.

Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say about Quebec City accommodation

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