There are literally thousands of places around the world that offer outstanding romantic honeymoon destinations. But there’s a reason that many will zero in on Europe during their search. It offers dozens of superb places to go with enough variety to please anyone.

France is one of the top romantic honeymoon destinations, and it’s no surprise. Paris is, of course, considered one of the most romantic cities on the globe. That reputation is well earned. The view from the Eiffel Tower is breathtaking. A walk along the beautiful Seine after sunset is the stuff of which movies are made.

But France offers much more than just Paris, for those who prefer something less urban or metropolitan. The south of France, including Nice and St. Tropez, has long been known as the vacationer’s paradise. Newlyweds, who travel here, perhaps as part of a cruise, will find that the rumors are all true.

Even the smaller villages, many of them located near world-class wineries, can be the perfect romantic honeymoon destination. St. Paul de Vence in Provence has sidewalk cafes, art galleries, boutiques and more. It is the very picture of a quaint European town.

prague_honeymoonItaly too, is well known as the choice of many newlyweds looking for a romantic honeymoon destination. Wherever they go here, they can never go wrong. For those interested in adding to their wedded bliss with a little vino, the wineries in Tuscany are first rate. Bicycle tours in Umbria or Chianti are enjoyed by many – but not too many… you won’t be overcrowded here! You can even rent a Ferrari and dine in a medieval castle.

Some couples prefer the hustle and bustle of a major city as they celebrate their new status with a honeymoon in Rome or Venice. Both cities are world famous for museums, ancient sites and the finest restaurants anywhere. Gliding down a canal never gets old. Seeing the Coliseum will create one more lifelong memory of your honeymoon filled with so many.

Thinking about Germany as a romantic honeymoon destination may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But it should be. The land of Goethe and Schiller was the very epitome of passion in the 19th century, and it remains so today. This is proven over and over again as you investigate romantic honeymoon destinations here. There’s the Romantische Strasse, the 200-mile drive along romantic road, which encompasses farmlands, and the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Take in Neuschwanstein, one of Germany’s many romantic castles on your honeymoon. Sip some of the world’s best wine along the way.

Stay in a Bed and Breakfast near the Black Forest. Or, visit exciting Berlin and catch a show while you hold hands. Listen to Bach in Frankfurt or dance the night away in Hamburg, then go back to the hotel along one of the canals.

Your European honeymoon destination might be the romantic low hills of Ireland. Or, it could turn out to be the unforgettable vistas of the mountains near Geneva, Switzerland. You might take in sunny Sicily or frigid Finland. But whichever type of romantic honeymoon destination you prefer, you’ll find a never ending array of choices for an unforgettable trip in Europe.

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