Here are some romantic ideas for women and moms. The first tip is don’t lose yourselves in your kids – romance your husband from time to time. That husband of yours needs to know that you care for him as well. It’s hard to carve out time for love and kisses when the kids are screaming and the pots are boiling over but, trust me, it will be well worth the effort. You just need to make romantic ideas like the ones that will be presented in this article on ways how to romance your husband.

Second, don’t get overwhelmed. Start off with small gestures and romantic ideas for women to get the ball rolling. If you have been stuck in the mommy rut for a good amount of time, he won’t even see it coming.

Remember when we were kids? We scribbled the name of another kid that we liked on our notebooks. For boys, they resorted to pulling the pigtails of their favorite gal. Be a kid again and do those puppy love things we all used to do.

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  • Most husbands get dressed and go to work each day. Slip a note in the pocket of his jacket. Tell him one thing that makes you love him. Each week you can give him a new reason for the mad love inside of you.romance-your-husban
  • Give him a kiss when he leaves. If your job requires you to leave before him, give him a wet one on the lips while he is still snug in bed. Kisses are quite underrated. Remember how even a little kiss gave us goose bumps when we were just getting to know our spouses? Let them lead the way back to a more romantic relationship.
  • Greet him at the door after a hard day of work. This sounds cheesy but it is a nice touch. He’ll know that someone missed him. Meet him at the bedroom door later on in the evening if he happens to arrive home before you do.
  • While most men don’t let their emotions get in the way of their sex lives, gestures of love do move them. Your show of love gives them a sense of confidence in themselves. They will be more likely to seek out ways to show love that makes you happy instead of just guessing.
  • Asking about his day keeps the lines of communication open between the two partners. The object is to listen as he talks. If he is a rocket scientist or something else technical, you may need to break out a book or two to understand what he is talking about. Since he already knows this, just being a sounding board for him is sometimes good enough.


It doesn’t take much, but it does take a concerted effort to add something special to the relationship with your spouse. A bit at a time, begin to show attention to your spouse in new ways with these romantic ideas for women. Both of you will be more receptive during more intimate encounters as a result. It may take time to know how to romance your husband so just follow the romantic ideas presented and in time you’ll know how to romance your husband the right way. Soon enough you may embark on romantic vacation ideas if you feel the need to do so.

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