If you have five years for a romantic vacation in London you might be able to see about half of what London has to offer. No matter your tastes – whether modern or classical art, monuments and museums, zoos and gardens, nightclubs, theater, music, and on and on – it’s here in abundance.

A perfect blend of ancient and modern, London has over 200 galleries and 300 museums, and 150 events a day to interest the traveler. One could see the Tower of London and the Crown Jewels in the morning and the Tate art museums in the afternoon. Or visit Parliament early then shop at Harrods later. All are in the top things to do in London.

Westminster Abbey is the burial place of kings, poets and scientists, and a short distance from the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Cathedrals and churches that rival the best of France or Italy are here, especially the must-see St. Paul’s Cathedral.

romantic-vacation-in-londonFor those who might have enjoyed Wall Street in New York, London has its own – and much older – version in The City. This hub actually has roots that go back thousands of years, since before money was even invented.

There are Inns galore also dating back a thousand years or more and several outstanding parks, such as St James, Hyde Park or Regents with the famous gardens and the even more famous zoo. Holland park has an opera house and Japanese gardens and Kensington the amazing gardens and the Royal costume collection.

Speaking of gardens, be sure not to overlook Covent Garden on your romantic vacation in London. Not really gardens at all, the area is a spectacular array of theaters, shops and more where the street performers compete with restaurants, bars, clubs and shops for tourists’ attention. The Royal Opera house is here, for those who prefer a different style of entertainment.

London’s famous outdoor markets also go back centuries, where the antique hunting at Portobello Road is unmatched anywhere. Borough Market has been thriving here for over a thousand years. The atmosphere in some is almost like a Moroccan bazarre. And, for those who like their burgers bizarre, you can get an ostrich patty cooked to taste.

But after all that shopping one is bound to be hungry and tired. The West End offers a variety of pubs at a range of prices and quality of cuisine. Then after a meal, the weary traveler can see a show that rivals the best of Broadway. Many actually begin in London and only later travel to New York.

Museums abound. The Victoria & Albert, named for the famous 19th century queen and her consort, the Natural History and Science museums, and the world-renowned British Museum could each form a day’s excursion.
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ac110fz2rxvGIQPLKNQGIHKQPOIOBut newer attractions are also worthwhile. The London Eye, build at the turn of the millennium, continues to attract visitors as if 2000 weren’t years earlier. It touts the world’s largest ferris wheel and a 30-minute boat ride in a glass gondola that offers views of Big Ben and the River Thames. And the Tate Modern, opened in the same year features Picasso, Matisse and other famous names of 20th century art.

So, once you’ve explored all those venues thoroughly, come back and we’ll lay out another five years of places to see and things to do for your next romantic London getaway.

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  • Buckingham Palace
    Visiting Buckingham Palace on your next romantic London getaway is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. Buckingham Palace is still the official residence of Britain’s monarchy, as it has been since Queen Victoria’s designation in 1837.
  • Harrods
    No romantic London getaway would be complete without visiting Harrods. Much of London, for the tourist anyway, is historical. Ancient buildings and centuries old monuments. Palaces and works of art from the ages.
  • Kew Palace and Gardens
    Visiting Kew Palace and Gardens allows you to step inside and explore this intimate and beautiful royal retreat. Kew Palace, known at Dutch House until 1827, was built in 1631 for the Dutch merchant Samuel Fortrey.
  • Kensington Palace
    When visiting Kensington Palace it is important to keep in mind that it has been home to royalty from long before Queen Victoria’s birth there in 1819 to Princess Diana’s residence until her death to today.
  • Madame Tussauds
    Visiting Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is one of the very few attractions in London that is both centuries old and completely modern and a fun thing to do on a romantic London getaway.
  • Piccadilly Circus
    What you need to know about visiting Piccadilly Circus: At the junction of Regent Street and Shaftesbury Avenue lies a trapezoidal area near London’s West End known to the world as Piccadilly Circus.
  • Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
    If you are visiting Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, you should know that it is in fact long gone – closed by Puritans in 1642 and taken down 2 years later.
  • St Paul’s Cathedral
    Visiting St Paul’s Cathedral is steeped in history. For three hundred years St Paul’s Cathedral has served as one of the enduring symbols of London, a role it richly deserves.
  • British Museum
    Like most museums in London, visiting the British Museum is free of admission (though some events and special exhibitions have an admission charge).
  • London Eye
    Visiting the London Eye on your romantic vacation in London can serve a very good purpose since one of the best ways to see London is from the air.
  • London Zoo
    Visiting the London Zoo may not be on the top of your list since London has such a long history, filled with great churches, monuments, art and history museums that seeking nature here often isn’t what immediately comes to mind.
  • National Gallery
    Since its founding in the mid-19th century, visiting the Natural History museum has offered visitors one of the largest, most diverse collections in the world.
  • Natural History Museum
    Since its founding in the mid-19th century, visiting the Natural History museum has offered visitors one of the largest, most diverse collections in the world.
  • Royal Observatory
    To most visiting the Royal Observatory, the question “What time is it?” is mundane. But to the men and women whom, over the centuries since 1675, have worked at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich it is of huge importance.
  • Tower of London
    There is some history to know about when visiting the Tower of London. Few prisons can claim to be as popular as the Tower of London, an attraction – unpleasant for some – for over 900 years.
  • West End
    For the London traveler looking for variety, the West End is the place to be. Piccadilly Circus is next door, where antique book shops mix with the latest restaurants and Covent Garden is not far.
  • Trafalgar Square
    When visiting Trafalgar Square on a romantic London getaway, you will see that it is the center of England in more ways than one.
  • Westminster Abbey
    Visiting Westminster Abbey continues to attract visitors over 900 years after its founding as it is a church, burial ground, coronation site and much more.
  • Visiting Whitehall
    Make the most of your time when visiting Whitehall on your next romantic vacation to London. To many the name ‘Whitehall’ evokes ‘British Government’.