A romantic vacation in Los Cabos, which is located just on the southern edge of Baja California in Mexico, is an amazing honeymoon or anniversary getaway.

For those who want warm sunny days and active nights, Los Cabos might be one place where lovers can find a balance of romance and energy unmatched.

Los Cabos means ‘the capes’ when translated in English, and is actually an area where a few different capes come together. The region is made up of Cabo de San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo just to the east. While on a romantic vacation in Los Cabos, you will want to explore both of these areas since each one has its own distinctive qualities. Cabo de San Lucas is where you’ll find more nightlife: bars, nightclubs, gourmet restaurants and five-star accommodations – a region that is very much alive almost 365 nights a year. On the opposite end of the spectrum, but not much farther away is San Jose del Cabo. During the day, this is a fun place to explore and to both view and learn about this historical area. If you want to truly ‘feel’ how colonial Mexico once was while on your vacation in Los Cabos, be sure to plan on spending more than one afternoon in San Jose del Cabo.

The area between the historical district and the beach area is an expansive highway system that also runs along some of Mexico’s finest golf resorts. In fact, this area boasts four world-class golfing resorts. While on your vacation in Los Cabos, and if you’re an avid golfer, be sure to visit one of these courses. It’s quite expensive, but well worth it! Bring your camera along to capture the splendid scenery as you golf.

Now, a guide to a romantic vacation in Los Cabos would be entirely incomplete without talking about the big-game fishing of the area. When compared to its Atlantic counterparts, this region of the Pacific might be one of the best-big game fishing spots in the entire world. You can fish for swordfish, world-class marlin, and even sailfish. Additionally, if you are into other water sports, such as scuba diving or snorkeling, no vacation would be complete without spending time in Los Cabos.

Restaurants in Los Cabos, Mexico, offer an array of food choices. Dine on the freshest, saltwater fish, or try one of the many authentic Mexican restaurants where their cuisine has both adapted and evolved the use of ocean specialties into regular Mexican dishes. If you prefer to watch your budget a little more while on your romantic vacation in Los Cabos, don’t fret. Many small cantinas, authentic bars, and other cozy establishments can be found around each and every corner. A Los Cabos vacation is a truly a romantic delight!

Kyle and Jo