Romantic Vegas Getaway

A romantic Vegas getaway is an ideal spot. Although Las Vegas has a reputation of being the gambling capital of the world, it’s also possible to have a romantic Vegas getaway in this part of the US where the stakes are high, but the experience is unforgettable!

Apart from its casinos, Las Vegas is also known for its quickie wedding experience. Whether you think this is the tackiest way of getting married, or the answer to the prayers of an engaged couple who wish to avoid the stress and financial pull of the traditional wedding, the many wedding chapels show that this is a popular activity for couples who come to Vegas.

Weddings, poker and slot machines aside, a romantic Vegas getaway awaits you within this Nevada city. The hotels in Vegas offer some of the best accommodation in the world with not only themed rooms, but also themed hotels offering attractions that are open to the public as well as the hotel residents. What could be more romantic than a gondola ride, and where else in the US are you more likely to find it than Vegas?

Although many of the old hotels that made Vegas famous in the 60s have now been torn down, from their ashes new hotels have risen that will make their own mark on the history of this city – hotels such as Bellagio, Venetian and the MGM Grand.

Nightlife, like food, in Vegas is abundant. The casinos offer all manner of gambling for those who wish to chance their savings, and those who prefer to watch them. But for those who’ve had enough of the sound of chips (gambling chips that is) and the clatter of coins in the slot machines, some of the world’s most popular performers entertain Vegas visitors nightly and many of the hotels have their own shows which give a variety of options for a memorable night out.

For an extra special romantic Vegas getaway experience take a night helicopter flight with a champagne salute! Make sure you check availability for shows and attractions before making your travel booking, and then make reservations for these at the same time as your travel reservation, so that you aren’t disappointed by not being able to get tickets when you get to Vegas.

During the day, the desert heat of Las Vegas can be overpowering, but this can be forgotten with a trip to the manmade engineering feature of Hoover Dam and/or the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon. There are number of trips offered from many of the Vegas hotels to these famous landmarks – whether you choose to take a bus/car tour, or make the most of your romantic Vegas getaway by seeing them from the air, you’re sure to have a day to remember.

For couples who like a faster pace than the Grand Canyon offers, how about a day at the Richard Petty Driving Experience where you get the chance to ride-along in a genuine NASCAR stock car? Of course for those with a couple of days to spend and plenty of nerve, a white water rafting tour on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon probably can’t be topped for making a trip to remember – and you get to do it together!

Whatever you choose to on your romantic Vegas getaway you’re sure to have a great time – the only question is whether or not you can resist the slot machines and if not, whether you’ll have enough money to get home again!

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