Romantic Ski Vacations

So, thinking of the ideal winter romantic getaway? Ski vacations at the snowy slopes can be the ideal romantic trip. Cuddling by the fire, sipping on hot chocolate sounds like a great way to end the evening after a day on the slopes.

Should you go on a skiing vacation if you don’t ski? Yes, because it would be the ideal time to take lessons and learn something new together as a couple.

If only one of you ski’s you can still take a romantic vacation as long as there is other things to occupy the one not skiing. Pick ski areas that offer more than just ski slopes; consider picturesque villages, a variety of resort choices, shopping, restaurants and nearby day trip destinations.

Snowshoeing is now at almost every resort in the country, making it easy for non-skiers to enjoy the splendor of the winter backdrop without even getting on a pair of skis.

winter_couple2Some resort towns that are ideal for romantic vacations have created arts centers that offer theater productions and art galleries.

Some of the big ski resorts offer an remarkable array of things to do, including cooking schools, wine-tasting classes, luxury spas, ice climbing, nature preserves, museums, hot-air ballooning, dog sledding and other local tourist attractions. And the romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride is a must at virtually every resort, offering a cozy cuddle after a day spent apart.

How can you make sure your ski vacation is romantic? Focus on small, cozy cabins or lodges, as opposed to noisy, overcrowded ski resorts. Choose ski slopes that offer night skiing for a unique and romantic experience.

Most of all make sure to set aside some time for rest and relaxation and avoid scheduling every day full of skiing and high-energy activities. Give yourself time, as a couple to cuddle up and drink that hot chocolate, you never know what it may lead to!

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