Theme Cruises and Special Interest Cruises

Theme cruises and special interest cruises have become very popular over the last decade and make for an excellent romantic vacation. As cruises have become a more mainstream vacation option and passenger loads which are ever increasing, cruises with themes, ranging from hobbies to lifestyles, are a way to personalize the experience.

If you are interested in scheduling a romantic vacation aboard a themed cruise ship, you will need to find the right one for you and your partner. This can most easily be done by searching for the activities or themes that ideally both of you most enjoy participating in. For example, sailing on the Hogs on the High Seas cruise promotes camaraderie among motorcycle enthusiasts, and passengers on The Rock Boat IX cruise skip mellowed-out genres of music for something a little more hard core.

Another popular themed cruise includes celebrity cruises. A number of different cruise lines offer this popular and highly sought after theme. Celebrity cruises have special onboard guests. These guests may include popular television stars, movie stars, and music artists. Special dinners and autograph sessions are often included in a celebrity cruise.

So what is the difference between theme cruises and special interest cruises?

A theme cruises are something that the cruise line creates onboard one of its ships — and all passengers are entitled to participate. Often with 2,000-plus passengers on most ships, and pleasure cruises with several port stops, it isn’t always practical to turn an entire ship into a themed cruise. However, annual festivities such as Carnival’s NASCAR voyage, Regent Seven Seas’ annual Chocolate Cruise and Holland America’s jazz festival do appeal to a broad enough audience to warrant cruise line involvement.


The most common of the so-called “theme cruises,” these are trips in which a special interest group arranges to purchase a number of staterooms in different categories, sets up an itinerary, arranges for special guests or notables, and markets the cruise to people who would be interested in that activity. This could range from wine lovers to golf. These groups usually have little impact on the other vacationers onboard although some of the public spaces may be taken over by the group.

In addition to the above mentioned theme cruises, there are a number of other cruise ship themes. These themes may include, but are not limited to:

  • Art
  • Food & Wine
  • Health & Well-Being
  • History & Culture
  • Hobby & Sports
  • Music
  • Singles
  • Special Events

Romance is also a big theme that many cruise lines focus on. Romance themed cruises are offered onboard a number of different cruise ships. These cruise ships often target couples. To keep the ship setting mature and in good nature, an age restriction may be placed on passengers. Age restrictions are effective at eliminating excess amounts of children aboard a ship that is designed for couples. Romance is a wide theme that covers many categories. These categories are likely to include honeymoons, weddings, and anniversaries so find that ideal romantic cruise today.

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If you only have a few days to spare, but you’d still like to get away at a great price, then weekend cruises are your best bet. These “short” sailings are long on value – most visit multiple destinations in a single voyage, and today’s cruise ships offer something for everyone.

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