Tips for Choosing a Great Large Production Photographer

How do you know if you need a large production photographer? If you own a company, you have a website and other marketing materials that need high-quality photos – you do. Therefore, you may be looking for someone who can provide you with great large production photography. Consider the following tips for choosing a great photographer.

Do Some Research

If you are in business, chances are that you have reviewed the marketing materials of hundreds, even thousands, of companies. Every day, people look at many different websites. When you find attractive and engaging marketing materials and website photos that portray a company’s production process, consider contacting the company to ask about their photographer. You may also ask how easy the photographer was to work with. Marketing agencies may also be able to direct you to great photographers.

Review their Portfolios

Many professional photographers have online portfolios. Review these carefully and compare the photographs to what you are looking for. However, meet with each photographer in person and review their physical portfolios. You want their photos to look great online and in print.

Conduct an Interview

Interview your prospective photographers. Ask about their experience in general, in large production photography and in your industry. Shooting beverages and their manufacturing processes differs significantly from shooting fashion and its production process. Ask about their client base; get and check their references. Learn about their process, time to delivery and fees. Find out whether they have the time and tools necessary to complete your job.

Pay attention to how you are treated and how much effort the photographers put into their presentations. Did the photographers seem to be in a hurry? Were they professional and respectful?

Review the Contract

As you review the contract, make sure that it provides a detailed description of everything you want. Look at the fees, especially any hidden fees, such as location, rental or reshoot fees. Review the types of files you will receive.

Your brand and company can benefit or be damaged based on the photographs you use on your website and in your marketing materials. Therefore, don’t just hire the cheapest photographer. Instead, hire the one with the best image quality who provides the greatest value for your money.

Kyle and Jo