Tips for Planning An Event

So you need to plan an event, not just any event, you need tips for planning an event to make it memorable. Where do you start? Have you ever experienced the stress of planning an event? Whether the event is social or corporate, planning takes TIME. It requires more than just renting event seating Dallas TX. However, you can make the planning process easier and produce a great event by following a few key tips.

Start Planning Early

Your first task should be determining your event goals. Identify your budget and all the expectations you and the event’s other stakeholders have for the event. Then, conduct research for high-quality vendors.

You should start planning large events up to six months from the date of the event, while smaller events need much less time. However, get your venue reserved early.

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Delegate and Communicate

Your major event tasks should be broken down into smaller duties. Then, these smaller tasks can be delegated to the individuals helping you plan the event. For example, if you are planning a large outdoor event, you know you will need to reserve tents, seating, catering and serving services. You may also need help setting up the tents and tables. Breaking these down into individual duties allows you to assign one person to arrange the tent rental and delivery, while you work on finding a caterer.

Don’t forget to follow up regularly with your team and address any challenges they face early. Keep open communication with your vendors as well.

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Build a Schedule

You should have an event planning schedule that everyone on your team can access. The document should include the major tasks and individual duties. You should include the date you want each step completed by, and leave space for your team to fill in the vendor, pricing, details and dates each of their duties are completed.

Plan for Challenges

Create a backup plan. For example, you may have a list of available caterers or a tent or building available in the case of inclement weather during an outdoor event. Bring extra extension cords and other supplies you may need.

You can plan a successful event by working great vendors and planning for challenges.

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