South America Beach

If you have ever wanted to travel South America, then prepare yourself for an adventure that you never would have thought could exist. South America, which is mostly below the equator, is a land that is warmest during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter season. Whether you explore this region of the world by foot, plane, bicycle or automobile, a cultural and historical delight to the senses awaits.

The most popular places to visit in South America expand all throughout the entire continent. Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela, Chile, and Bolivia, are just a few to choose from. Each one of the countries each has something special to offer anyone who travels to South America, be it for one-week, one month, or even a year.

Anyone who wishes to travel South America should also explore its natural wonders and cultural history. You’ll have the opportunity to see live volcanoes, climb mountains, and even trek glaciers. If you visit Chile, along the Andes Mountains, Bolivia, Peru, or Ecuador, the naturally preserved relics from pre-Columbian times are a sight to see.

South_AmericaFor those who want to travel to South America for an active cultural adventure, then plan your trip to the mountains of Chile. If you live in North America, then your summertime will mean excellent skiing there, as well as in Bolivia and Argentina.

If you are trying to plan a beach getaway for your travels to South America, try going to the beaches of Brazil, Columbia, and even to the islands off of Ecuador. All three places have spectacular beaches and all are extremely affordable when compared to other alternatives.

If you are into exploration, then when you plan your travel in South America, be sure to spend some quality time journeying into the Amazon Jungle and the Amazon River Basin. Here, you will spot plants and animals that seem like they are from another world. Guided tours through the Amazon and through its river is an exciting adventure for anyone looking to adventure that will rouse not only your senses, but your soul.

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to see the snakes, lizards, other reptiles, and even mammals, such as monkeys, sloth, or even a jaguar’s trail.

On a Venezuela romantic vacation, you can see the awe-inspiring Angel Falls and journey on the trails that surround Iguaçu Falls, which the locals boast is bigger than Niagara. So, while you can visit the best of the cities, such as Lima, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Bogotá, Buena’s Aires and immerse yourself in the historical culture, you may also want to consider traveling to see some of the best natural wonders of the world, found only if you travel South America.

Kyle and Jo