Romantic Travel to Greeece

If you plan romantic travel to Greece, make sure you give yourself plenty of time as the plethora of activities and sites to see could keep any traveler or backpacker busy for weeks, even months on end. With its rich history coming to life in its archaeological sites and monuments, Greek culture, cuisine, art and alluring romance beckon anyone who wants to get away to a land that truly takes you away.

If you travel to Greece, you will be overwhelmed with all the history and historical sites around each and every corner. Whether you want to travel to see the Acropolis, Olympia, the cities of Delos, or other Roman ruins, the country and its surrounding islands have it all. Delos is an island, which is saturated with ancient, crumbling cities. While you cannot spend the night there, you’ll have to arrange a permit and take a boat to the island. If this is a must on your to-do list while you travel in Greece, be sure to plan ahead as much as three months before you go, if you plan on travelling in the busy, summer season.

If you want to see an impressive archaeological museum, be sure to head over to Iraklio, which is also known as Crete. Here, you’ll be able to explore the culture, ruins and descendants of the Minoan peoples. In Santorini, you can learn about a culture that is well-over 5,000 years old as their city was discovered in a preserved state as it was covered in volcanic ash during these thousands of years. By the way, it is also extremely romantic!

TD_EuropeIf when you plan your romantic travel to Greece and you are planning on taking it easy; that is, if you are not the adventurous or even historical type of traveller, don’t worry. Greece offers something for everyone. You can try visiting Hydra, where you might run into some celebrities, actors, and musicians. Corfu Town is also quite appealing with the finer-tastes of the refined as it is the only place in Greece where you’ll find brightly colored houses that were once under colonial rule. In Santorini, you may want to visit the ancient ruins of Akrotiri.

If you are into exploration and adventurous island hopping expeditions, try going to Kefallonia, which is where the book and movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” takes place in this World War II narrative. The descriptions and scenery, along with the depictions of the travel in Greece, are precisely as you’d envision: clear blue water, olive trees , and sheer cliffs all pay homage to Mt. Enos, which stands in the island’s center.

Be sure to check out the small towns, each having its own feel.

Fiskardo is comprised of a fishing town and has recently boomed due to tourism. Here, you can take ferries to Ithaca or simply stroll around the marina. Near Sami, be sure to check out the impressive caves of Drogarati and Melissani to gaze at its impressive colors and shapes that shine more than any artists brush could depict. You can find equally impressive colors if you visit the red sand beaches of Avithos, Platis Yiaglos, or Spartia – a must do on this romantic vacation.

Kyle and Jo