If you are looking for a romantic spot a vacation in Bermuda might just be what you’re looking for. Imagine spending the day exploring your vacation area, having a quiet dinner either at your hotel or one of the nearby

restaurants and then taking a midnight stroll along a pink beach illuminated by starlight. With hot sun-filled days, and sultry nights, your vacation in Bermuda should sizzle with romance!

bermuda_1-300x187With its sub tropical climate, you would be very unfortunate to find yourself in Bermuda and experiencing bad weather, but if you aren’t too keen on high temperatures then it would be best to avoid dates from late May until October as the heat can get uncomfortable and the humidity is also higher at this time of year.

Accommodation on your vacation in Bermuda will mean that you will only need recreational money when you are there. One of the largest resorts on Bermuda is Elbow Beach which has a fabulous private beach – and seven different restaurants to choose from, but if you and your partner are looking for a romantic vacation perhaps a smaller hotel such as the Rosedon Hotel which is within a short walking distance of Hamilton, before making your final accommodation decision, as this may give you more of the atmosphere that you are looking for.

Bermuda is a great choice if you are planning to be married on your vacation. Before booking your accommodation make specific enquiries about the possibility of being married at the resort/hotel you prefer and what will be included in the price they quote for this (make sure you get that itemized in writing before you go and take it with you!). Wedding packages don’t tend to differ too much in content between resorts, although prices of what’s included may, but you need to ensure that your wedding is able to go ahead on the day you want as this will affect the rest of your vacation in Bermuda plans.

There’s plenty to do on your romantic Bermuda vacation, with museums and shopping to satisfy those who need a break from the beach, although the crystal caves offer an unforgettable diversion away from the ocean even for those who can’t bear to pull themselves away from it. There’s a host of water sports to satisfy even the most sport-minded couple, with scuba diving, snorkeling and even paragliding are there for the more adventurous, but if you want a more leisurely water sport, why not try a spot of fly fishing? If you are at home in the water, one of the things you must try to do is to book a time to swim with the dolphins. Doing this with your partner will give you something to remember the rest of your lives. Another great outing is with the WildCat Adventure Tours where you and your partner can take a 2 hour catamaran trip around the entire island.

There’s everything you could hope for in a romantic vacation in Bermuda. Your only complaint will be that there just wasn’t enough time to do all of the things you wanted to – which means you’ll have to go back another time!

Kyle and Jo