A vacation to Cook Islands is an experience that shouldn’t be missed. The Cook Islands, which are spread out over a huge ocean mass, only have 15,000 inhabitants. It’s free associate government with New Zealand, the Cook Islands aren’t overpopulated or even overly touristy, making them the secret gem of the Pacific.
Vacation to Cook Island

In order to plan a vacation to the Cook Islands, you’ll want to be sure to give yourself at least a week or more to properly explore Rarotonga, the capital island. Also, you should have more time to explore the offshoot islands, the farthest being about 4.5 hours away by plane.

Cookis_beach2Each isle of the Cook Islands has their own distinct culture and customs. With most of the natives being of Polynesian decent, they welcome the 75,000 tourists who end up traveling amongst their islands each year.

On none of the islands will you find high-rise hotels or even many cars. A vacation to the Cook Islands will truly be an island experience that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world.

Most flights come into Rarotonga. But, from here, you can easily purchase tickets to other, outlaying islands. Other island areas to visit are Manuae, Penrhyn, Mitiaro, Atiu, Manihiki, and even Mauke.

While traveling around any of the islands, it is possible to walk or even trek from place to place. A vacation to Cook Islands isn’t one with luxurious comfort all around, but you will still travel without difficulty. In the capital island of Rartonga, you can easily get around on one of the local buses. You might also opt for renting a car. A 4×4 will get you to some of the out-of-the-way locations and beaches that you might not want to walk to.

Also, many locals use motorcycles that can run easily along some of the rougher roads. Another great way to travel is by bicycle. You can rent them from some hotels and often people will rent them out to tourists. It’s not only a great way to get around the smaller islands, but also a great way to truly experience the culture.

If you are sailing or bringing a boat into the harbor during your vacation to the Cook Islands, be sure to have your dingy ready. The harbor is quite small and will not allow bigger boats or yachts to take up its limited space. You can also hire a small boat that will act as a water taxi from the harbor to your boat.

Besides taking a boat or an airplane, you can also take a passenger freighter or even a ferry between the Cook Islands. As mentioned, to get around on each island besides walking, simply talk to your hotel clerk who will help you get set up with a bicycle or motorcycle.

A vacation to Cook Islands is an experience like no other. If you are into culture, history, and the island way of life, make sure you explore the outlying islands, enjoy the solitary beaches, and make your vacation to Cook Islands as magical as it can be!

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