Now that the ring is on your finger and you’re planning your wedding, big decisions have to be made. What kind of  romantic wedding do you want to have, and what kind of honeymoon?

The Vegas Wedding

You and your partner are anything but conventional, so deciding to look at wedding chapel packages Las Vegas is not out of the realm of possibility. You want the ceremony to be as frills-free and easygoing as possible so that you can start your new life with your spouse. Maybe you invite a couple of friends, maybe you elope. The choice is yours.

  • Honeymoon destination: You’re there already! Las Vegas is the perfect place to start making newlywed memories. All the money you saved from your ceremony can help fund an unforgettable Vegas adventure.

The Princess Wedding

As you glide down the aisle on Daddy’s arm in your clean white ball gown, the church around you is festooned with flowers and candles. This is the classic white wedding that you’ve been fantasizing about since you were a little girl!

  • Honeymoon destination: You’re a romantic at heart, so you and your spouse need to travel somewhere exotic with beautiful architecture, sipping champagne as the sun sinks behind the cathedrals.

The Beach Wedding

With the sand between your toes, under the open sky and being kissed by the waves is the best place for you and your partner to get married. You’ve only invited close friends and family, keeping the chaos contained and the stress to a minimum.

  • Honeymoon destination: If the beach isn’t already where you plan to honeymoon, an adventurous location surrounded by mountains and open skies suits you best. You and your spouse love the great outdoors and can enjoy it both on your wedding day and the vacation following it.

Deciding what works for you as a couple and within your budget is something to think about while planning your wedding and honeymoon. Remember that the wedding is about your love and nothing else!

Kyle and Jo