Ski Vacation May Be the Most Romantic

If you think warmth and snow don’t go together, you have never been on a ski vacation with someone you love. This winter take a romantic vacation at a ski lodge and reserve it soon because mount snow vermont vacation rentals book fast. There are several reasons why a ski retreat is a great way to enhance your romance.

It’s Physical

Exercise like skiing stimulates the senses, reduces stress and improves cognitive function, paving the way for positive interactions—being in a good mood makes you more ready to laugh and smile. Moreover, physical activity prompts increased heart rate and quickened breathing, indicators which mock romantic interest and sexual arousal. Sharing an exhilarating run down the slopes can make you feel more excited about each other.

romantic winter vacation

It’s Emotional

There is something appealing about cuddling in front of a fireplace, sharing steaming mugs of cocoa and snuggling under a down comforter while the snow falls around you. If skiing or snowshoeing is new to you both your relationship can benefit from the bonding experience of trying something new together. If one of you is a skilled skier and the other a novice, one of you gets to share your passion and practice patience while the other gets to listen and show trust. For both, skiing together for even a weekend will provide hours of shared experiences to reminisce about in the years to come.

It’s Natural

Being outdoors confers mental and emotional benefits to everyone, but it can be especially beneficial in relationships. Doing outdoor activities puts people in a better mood, enhances communication and helps people learn things about each other. The beautiful settings around ski lodges can contribute to a feeling of happiness and contentment. Because they are nestled in the mountains among thick forests, ski lodges often have unreliable cell phone reception and spotty Wi-Fi. The lack of internet connection may improve the love connection between the two of you.

Kyle and Jo