Vritomartis Resort: A Naturist Resort in Crete

Set on the south coast of Crete, Vritomartis Resort is a naturist vacation resort that took it’s name from the ancient Minoan goddess who was worshipped in the area. Built in a traditional Green style, the romantic hotel overlooks the South Cretan Sea and combines modern amenities with traditional Cretan style and comfort. While clothing is required inside of the romantic hotel, the areas by the pool and on the beach prohibit clothing so there’s a Vritomartis Resort Cretemore natural atmosphere.

The romantic hotel boasts 85 different accommodations spread out through the main building and 9 separate bungalows. While the bungalows are larger, they’re more ideal for bigger parties, as there are several beds located on the first and second floors of each.

Enjoy traditional Greek fare as well as a variety of international dishes at the resort’s restaurant, where diners can have their meals inside or outdoors on a veranda overlooking the garden.

In the center of the property is a swimming pool, children’s pool and small playground set in a garden with stunning sea and mountain views.

Surrounding the romantic hotel are several different small, private beaches, which allow couples to have a more romantic vacation. For more active couples, there are several staff members on hand to assist in planning day excursions on land or at sea.

What to Expect at Vritomartis Resort

Whether you’re a seasoned naturist who’s visiting Vritomartis for the first time or a first-time naturist, there’s nowhere better to spend your holiday than a naturist hotel on Vritomartis.

Vritomartis is a naturist resort in Crete that’s perfect for anyone looking to enjoy their time without any restrictions. If you’re seeking a truly relaxing holiday where you can be completely free and at ease, then Vritomartis will give you all of the peace and quiet that you need.

At Vritomartis, there are no clothes required – so you can feel as free as you want! This is the perfect place to forget about your troubles and just focus on enjoying yourself. Whether you want to sunbathe n_ude by the pool, take a n_aked walk on the beach, or simply sit in the sauna and steam room without any clothes on, you can do it all at Vritomartis.

They’ve created a friendly and laid-back atmosphere, with “clothing optional” policies ensuring that no one feels uncomfortable or out of place, even if they are coming to our naturist retreat for the first time.

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy at Vritomartis, too. If you’re feeling active, you can take part in a game of tennis or volleyball, or go for a swim in the pool. And if you’re looking to relax, you can simply lie back and enjoy one of the many spa treatments available.

So if you’re looking for a naturist holiday in Crete, be sure to visit Vritomartis – you won’t regret it!​

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FAQ’s About Vritomartis

Q: Do I need to be a member of a naturist club or organization to stay at Vritomartis?

A: No, you don’t need to be a member of any naturist club or organization. However, we do recommend that you join the International Naturist Federation (INF) which is only €30 per year.

Q: I’ve never been to a naturist resort before, is Vritomartis right for me?

A: Absolutely! Vritomartis is the perfect place for first-time naturists. Our helpful and friendly staff will make sure you feel comfortable and at ease, and our “clothing optional” policies mean that you can take things at your own pace.

Q: I’m not comfortable being n_ude around other people, can I still stay at Vritomartis?

A: Of course! While we encourage our guests to experience the full naturist lifestyle, we understand that some people may not be ready for that. That’s why we have “clothing optional” areas around the resort, so you can still enjoy your holiday without feeling uncomfortable.

Q: What should I expect when I stay at Vritomartis?

A: A truly relaxing and enjoyable holiday! Whether you want to sunbathe n_ude by the pool, take a n_aked stroll on the beach, or simply relax in the sauna and steam room without any clothes on, you can do it all at Vritomartis. So if you’re looking for a truly liberating holiday experience in Crete, then Vritomartis is the place for you!


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