Unique Wedding Venue IdeasIdeas You May Not Have Considered Yet
Unique Wedding Venue Ideas You May Not Have Considered Yet

Finding unique wedding venue ideas can be tricky especially when you are looking for the perfect spot. Getting married is likely one of the most exciting times of your entire life, but sometimes planning the wedding and picking out the wedding venue Narragansett RI can feel pretty stressful.

You might not be a fan of typical, cookie-cutter settings, for instance, but it can be tough to know what other options are out there. With a little digging and creativity, though, you can find a beautifully unique venue that suits your couple-personality and makes your special day really stand out. Here are some fun ideas to start with to find your unique wedding venue.

1. A Private Beachside Club

Beach bums and nature lovers alike are sure to delight in a relaxing beachside venue. Picture yourself and your significant other exchanging your vows as the waves crash on the shore and the sea breeze surrounds you and your guests. If this sounds like an ideal scenario to you, you might want to consider renting out a private beachside club as your venue. You can even transform the whole event into a themed wedding by decorating the interior and tailoring your gift bags.

2. A Library or Museum

For bookworms, intellectual or historical venues like libraries and museums could provide a unique backdrop. You can even incorporate a tour of the venue into the day for interested guests. Whether it’s a local history museum, a museum of art, or even a zoo, museums can be excellent locations for weddings. They offer a unique and interesting backdrop for your photos and can provide an elegant setting for your ceremony and reception.

3. A Glass Greenhouse is a Unique Wedding Venue Ideas Winner!

For plant lovers who can’t get enough of Mother Nature but don’t want to risk getting rained on during an outdoor ceremony, having a glass-domed greenhouse as a wedding venue could be an ideal compromise. Greenhouses and botanical gardens provide beautiful backdrops without the risk of poor weather on the day of.

4. An Outdoor Amphitheater

If you’re looking for an outdoor unique wedding venue ideas that offers a little bit of everything, an amphitheater might be a good option. You can have your ceremony outdoors and then move the party indoors for the reception.

5. A Vineyard or Farm

If you’re looking for a rustic or country feel for your wedding, consider a vineyard or farm. These venues often have outdoor space for ceremonies and receptions and can be a great option for a laid-back, informal wedding.

Golf Course Wedding Venue Idea
Royal Ontario Golf Club, Hornby, Ontario – Wedding Venue

6. A Golf Course

Golf courses can make beautiful wedding venues, especially if you’re looking for an outdoor setting. Many golf courses have elaborate landscaping that can serve as an excellent backdrop for your photos and many offer indoor space for receptions if the weather is bad.

7. An Aquarium

If you or your spouse are animal lovers, an aquarium might be the perfect wedding venue. These venues often have beautiful architecture and can provide a unique setting for your reception.

Planning your dream wedding means getting to customize every detail, and when there are plenty of unique wedding venue ideas out there to choose from, there’s no reason to settle for a cookie-cutter location if that’s not what you want. Whether you prefer beautiful beaches or some other natural or glamorous environment, you can explore your wedding venue options to find the perfect location.

Sometimes the best place to start is by looking at venues that are outside of your norm. A museum can be transformed into an intimate ceremony space with plenty of character; golf courses often have beautiful green spaces perfect for large ceremonies or receptions; and vineyards offer amazing views in addition to world-class wine.

These alternatives may not seem like typical wedding destination choices when you first think about them, but they might just end up being exactly what you were looking for all along!

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