Romantic Prague

What should you know about Czech Republic romantic vacations? Let’s do some history – to start with, the Czech Republic, known as Ceska Republika and located in Central Europe is a member of the European Union and is famous for many of its historical cities. Don’t expect to visit many beaches however, as it is landlocked by Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia.

But, do expect to be taken away to a seemingly different time as you stroll about romantic Prague, probably the most famous Central European city. Now that the Czech Republic has joined the European Union, more tourists are flocking to this country to explore regions that were once closed off to outside exploration.

If you are planning a romantic getaway and want to escape the throngs of Paris, and once you’ve learned more about the Czech Republic, you might be inclined to search through one of the country’s historic regions: Moravia and the famous Bohemia.

Romantic Prague

History of the Czech Republic

The people of the Czech Republic are varied in their backgrounds as people from all over the Central European area migrated there over centuries. Learning about its history and ancestry will help you understand its people and customs quite more. Before the country became known as the Czech Republic, it was once known as Bohemia.

Following, it became a part of Austria and only in 1918 was it dubbed Czechoslovakia. After some internal strife and with the onslaught of World War II, Slovakia broke away from what was then called Czechoslovakia and it became known as the Czech Territory.

Now, if you want to learn about Czech Republic history, many books are available that discuss the effect that surrounding countries had upon it. Nowadays; however, the Czech Republic is at peace and is seeing more tourists each year who want to venture into a newly birthed European State who indeed has a bright future ahead.

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If you want to visit the Bohemian sector to learn more about the Czech Republic, you’ll find a terrain surrounded by lowland hills and mountains, rivers, and a basin to the western side.

Mount Snezka
Mount Snezka

If you or your significant other experience romance through adventure, a vacation to the Czech Republic might be the next country to put on your list. Hiking the Snezka, the highest point in the country at around five-thousand feet (1,600 meters) during the temperate summertime weather is bound to please any outdoor enthusiast.

If you are heading to the Czech Republic, you’ll be surprised that such a landlocked country has so many rivers. The water from this country feeds into the surrounding Black, North, and Baltic Seas.

Studying about the Czech Republic before you journey to Central Europe, you’ll find that most people speak Czech in some form, even with slight dialect differences as you travel from north to south. As of recently, Slovaks still made up a small percentage of the total population.

The Czech Republic is renowned for its numerous spa towns, especially along the border with Saxony (Germany). The most famous ones are those of Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), Františkovy Lázně (Franzensbad) and Teplice (Teplitz).

Last, but far from least, many head to the Czech Republic in order to start their travels in Prague, the heart of the country. If you search about Czech Republic online, you also find many countryside castles and chateaux, located around the Karlštejn, Pernštejn, and even the Český Krumlov regions.

Explore the Czech Republic

As you explore the Czech Republic, you’ll also notice its Gothic, or Renaissance feel that will surely delight – taking you back in time into a country that has much to offer the romantic, the artist and even the backpacker.

There are few places in the world as romantic as the Czech Republic. From the historic charm of Prague Castle to the stunning views along the Vltava River, the Czech Republic is a country that is steeped in romance. And what better way to experience all that this country has to offer than on a romantic tour?

At Prague Castle, you and your loved one can explore 900 years of history together. Stroll hand-in-hand through the royal gardens, then stop for a moment to admire the view from Golden Lane. As you walk through the castle grounds, you’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time.

The Vltava River is another perfect spot for a romantic outing. Take a leisurely boat ride down the river, and take in the stunning scenery as you drift past medieval villages and castle ruins. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even stop for a swim!

No matter how you choose to spend your time in the Czech Republic, a romantic tour will create memories that will last a lifetime.

So now you know and can explore more about Czech Republic romantic vacations! Maybe a honeymoon in Europe perhaps?

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