How to Make Your Yard Romantic

You can make your yard romantic, whether you’re landscaping a yard or a large commercial space, you would do well to add a focal point. A romantic focal point is something that will draw the viewer’s eye, and you see it used often in art to help direct composition and direct the viewer’s gaze. Large or small, striking or simple, a focal point can give the eye something to rest on and really bring the whole landscape together.

Water Feature

Water features are often used as focal points: think of an ornamental waterfall in a garden or a pond out front of an office. Sometimes they are given further splash with pond aerators and fountains, or with ornamental plants like water lilies, or even with colorful fish. The water itself can be feature enough, and lends a sense of tranquility to a space.


Statuary is another common focal point. Think of the Statue of Liberty or those iconic French gardens. Iconic figures draw the eye in quickly and give a single point to focus on and build out from. Likely your statuary won’t be anything so large or so grand, but the principle remains the same, even with smaller pieces. A nice bit of sculpture, either centrally located or slightly off to one side, makes an excellent focal point for your landscape.


Last but not least, plantings themselves can make an excellent focal point. Think of the way a towering oak tree can provide shelter and visual interest for an entire yard. It needn’t be a tree, though: consider a flowering shrub, or even a stand of ornamental grasses. Anything can be a focal point, if you plant it deliberately and build your landscape around it. Whatever you decide to use to bring your landscape design together, make sure that it’s harmonious with the landscape and with your personal tastes.

Start with the Patio

According to, you want to start with the patio. Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t for a while, that doesn’t mean you should forget about the romance. In fact, it’s such a wonderful surprise for partners to up the ante with no reason other than to show appreciation for their loved ones. Why not spruce up your outdoor space and then have your partner go on a scavenger hunt to enjoy all your hard work?

Do you have a patio? These outdoor escapes provide the perfect backdrop for barbecues, cozy reading nights and hanging out together. If you don’t have one, consider adding a patio to your backyard that is attached to the house. Or, suspend this fun area in a different area of the yard and use pavers to lead the way from the house to the patio.

You can use the same stones for the walkway design and destination, or vary them for a different look. Plant flowers and herbs on the sides of the path to really make it stand out and add some flair and style. Wrought iron furniture is especially elegant as it often features curls and fleur de lis. Add seating to provide the perfect spot for an outdoor dinner for two.

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