Why the R in RV Stands For Romance

Don’t limit your vision of a romantic vacation to cruises or expensive luxury hotels. Perhaps you and your partner yearn for something more unique or adventurous. If so, vacation in a recreational vehicle! RV camping offers flexibility, exploration and romance you won’t find with any other type of travel.

Hidden Gems

Make your own route. With an RV you can stay wherever you like, not just where there are hotels. Hidden gems like kemah camping in Texas boast proximity to a boardwalk and aquarium, shopping, dining and Galveston Bay. Your experiences will become more than just great memories. There is intimacy in knowing you two may be the only ones in your circle of friends who have visited the location, bonding similar to sharing an inside joke or discovering a secret treasure together.

Natural Settings

Most campers say they camp in order to get closer to nature and that they like hiking, kayaking and mountain biking during their stay. You already know that physical activity is good for your physical and mental health. Anything that gets your heart pumping and endorphins flowing can be a good precursor to further romantic activity. Add in a lovely sunset over mountain peaks or a view of moonlight over the water; soon that campfire may just relight the flame between you and your love.

Urban Locales

If your idea of wildlife is a packed nightclub, RV camping is still perfect for you. Plenty of campgrounds are located close to urban meccas or even within city limits. A full-service campground may offer free shuttle service to popular nearby attractions or public transit hubs; if not, hail a ride sharing service. You can party like rock stars, then return to your own private space without worrying about hotel room rates and availability—and the housekeeping staff will never interrupt you, no matter how late you sleep in.

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Kyle and Jo