Camping for Couples
Camping for Couples

When planning a romantic break, a camping for couples trip might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, a camping trip can in fact be very romantic. It’s ideal for couples that want a cheap getaway and couples that love the outdoors. Below are just a few tips on how to make a camping trip romantic.

Go glamping

Glamping is typically more luxurious than regular camping and is one of the great couple camping trip idea. The tent is already set up for you when you arrive, it has a bed and it may even have other amenities such as lighting and storage for clothes. On top of glamping tents, some campsites also have other forms of accommodation such as yurts, treehouses and huts – some of which come with luxuries such as private hot tubs. It’s a more luxurious way to enjoy the great outdoors, although it’s typically also more expensive.

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Camping for Couples – Bring a picnic dinner

Picnics are classic date ideas. A romantic dinner for two, prepared and brought to you by your partner is the perfect way to end a day of activities or sightseeing at a new destination. Rather than going out to eat every night on your camping trip, bring a nice meal that can be enjoyed in the great outdoors.

Plan activities that are romantic or that you both enjoy doing together

Camping doesn’t have to just be about sleeping, cooking and camping out. There are many fun things you can do during the day on your trip together. Choose what you want to do together based on whether it is an activity that both of you enjoy. This will help to ensure you actually enjoy your time together while spending quality time in each other’s company.

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Pack luxuries like candles, wine and chocolate

A romantic camping trip doesn’t have to look or feel ‘rough’ at all! Bring items that will make the experience more luxurious for you both. Pack candles, a few nice bottles of wine and some chocolate treats.

Camp somewhere remote

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you could try wild camping. This involves bringing your own tent and pitching it up somewhere other than a campsite. Natural parks are popular destinations for wild camping – you may be able to find a beautiful remote spot to pitch up your tent. This could make for a truly intimate vacation. Just be wary that wild camping is very rugged – you’ll have to deal without bathroom facilities and will need to bring your own water. This site offers some more tips on wild camping in America.

Pick a spot with nearby hiking trails and plenty of opportunities for fishing, biking and hunting

Watch the sunset

Camping is a chance to enjoy nature’s beauty. Pitch your tent up early enough and you can enjoy watching the sunset. This could be a great romantic way to spend the evening. Make sure to research what time the sun sets beforehand.

Go stargazing

Once the sun sets, you could also plan to do some stargazing. If you’re camping somewhere rural enough, you should be able to see all the stars at night. Some tents even have skylight windows so that you can watch the stars while lying in bed.

Bring a bottle

To further enjoy your camping trip, why not enjoy a toast with a special bottle of wine? By bringing an icebox, you can keep the bottle cool until you need it (necessary if it’s a bottle of bubbly). Make sure to bring some glasses too.

Light a campfire

A romantic camping trip could be an opportunity to cuddle up around an open fire. Some campsites don’t allow campfires, which is something to check beforehand if you’re staying in a campsite. Bring your own firewood and a lighter/matches.

Invest in the right gear

It could be worth investing in some specialist gear to make your camping trip more cosy. For example, instead of bringing two single sleeping bags, why not bring a double sleeping bag? Alternatively, you could bring an inflatable mattress, pump and blanket for added luxury. If you’re wild camping, you may also want to check out a site like, where you can find all kinds of specialist outdoor gear.

Time it right

Bad weather could upset the mood. To make sure that your camping trip is truly romantic, plan to go camping when the climate is right. Summer is likely to be the best time, although you may want to avoid any periods when its uncomfortably hot.

Joshua Tree California Camping for Couples
Joshua Tree California Camping for Couples

4 of Most Romantic Camping Locations in the USA

You will probably find some great camping locations close to where you live. If you are looking to explore further, there are many amazing locations in the USA to go camping, but here are some of the most romantic ones:

1. Shenandoah National Park – This park is situated in Virginia and offers stunning mountain views. There are plenty of hiking trails and opportunities for fishing, biking and hunting. It’s also a great place for stargazing.

2. Big Bend National Park – This park is located in Texas and is known for its dramatic desert landscapes. It offers plenty of activities such as hiking, camping, fishing and wildlife viewing.

3. Joshua Tree National Park – This park is located in California and is known for its bizarre rock formations and Joshua trees. There are plenty of hiking trails and camping spots available.

4. Acadia National Park – Maine is one of the most peaceful states in the USA and this park offers some beautiful natural scenery. There are many opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking and camping for couples in Maine.

What are the things to be considered in planning a camping trip?

Here are a couple more practical tips for making your next camping trip a success:

Plan your route

Figure out how long it will take to get to your camping destination and make sure you leave enough time for the journey. If there are any delays, you can adjust accordingly. It could even be worth staying in a hotel the night before to make sure you are fully rested.

Book your campsite in advance

If you are planning on staying at a public campsite, it’s worth booking your spot in advance. If possible, try to combine this with booking any other activities that you want to do since many campsites will have special offers or deals.

Pack well and be flexible. Have a plan, but roll with the punches: Leave room for spontaneity and quick changes of plans. You never know what adventure might await around the next bend!

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