Frugal Date Ideas may seem un-romantic since you\’re not lavishing enough money for your romantic ideas and we know that dates are an important part of any couple\’s relationship, but especially married couples.

Dates are fun and add a bit of spontaneity to a marriage. For couples with children, dates can be few and far between for a few reasons. It\’s easy for couples to forget to make time to go out together with kids. Then, there\’s the money issue. With kids, money can get tight, especially if you have to pay not only for the date but a sitter as well. If you\’re having a hard time coming up with wallet friendly date ideas, try these seven frugal date ideas.

  1. See a MatineeÂ
    Want to go out and see a movie? Instead of running with the rest of the crowd to the eight o\’clock show, take in a matinee instead. The theaters are less crowded and you don\’t pay near as much for the tickets. There will even be money left over for popcorn and a soda.
  2. Hit the Buffet
    Buffets are not necessarily about how much food you can shovel in your mouth at one sitting, but about getting a good meal at a great price. Find a cozy table for two in the corner and have a meal for two that costs less than it would for one at a fancy restaurant.
  3. A Walk in the ParkÂ
    A change of scenery is good from time to time. Visit the local park on a weekend afternoon to spend time together. Watch the geese, take a ride in the paddle boats, or bring your bikes or hiking boots and explore a trail.
  1. Visit a Museum
    Culture doesn\’t have to come with a high price tag. The local museum may have an art exhibit you have been longing to see. Broaden your horizons as a couple and create new memories taking in a bit of history.
  2. Soak up Some Local Atmosphere
    From big cities to small towns, there are always things going on around the community. Sometimes you just have to look a bit harder. Check out an outdoor concert with local bands or classical ensembles. Many localities have community theater groups who put on productions of famous Broadway plays for as little as five or ten dollars per ticket.
  3. Night of Jazz Music
    Find a nice downtown club and listen to some good music. Some clubs may have outdoor seating allowing you to enjoy the night air while listening to the sounds wafting from the inside.
  4. Go Dancing
    Dancing is not only fun, but a great way to get a bit of exercise too. If you don\’t go out much or aren\’t confident in your dancing skills, sign up to take dance classes together. Take a Latin dance class or more traditional dances like the Waltz if that is more your speed. Classes are fun and don\’t cost a lot. You both can meet plenty of interesting people while still enjoying one another\’s company.

By spending less money on the dates you take, you\’ll find you can make the dollars stretch into more than just one date every month or two. Give some of the above ideas a try, but no matter what you choose to do on your date, remember to have fun and enjoy one another\’s company more than anything. Who knows you might enjoy the frugal date ideas than your usual romantic date ideas. By having your dates at home, you can make this your romantic vacation ideas within the comforts of your own home.

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Kyle and Jo