You can still make room for romance ideas for you and your partner despite your daily schedules are so jam packed with activities that we hardly have time for ourselves let alone our partner. Romance often ends up on the back burner. Here are some quick romantic ideas that anyone can do to keep in touch with their mate.
Romantic Vacation

Sometimes we have trouble carving out fifteen minutes for any more activities, so five minute intervals will be right up your alley. But, beware – these five minutes can be tantalizing enough to keep you tied up for many minutes more. That being said, use caution when deciding on the time of your romantic overtures.

romantic-vacationStart early in the morning. Take a shower together. At worst, you conserve water by turning it on only once that morning. At best, well, I think you know where I’m going. A shower together is a great way to say good morning. This probably is one of the great romance ideas that you can do. Intimate and of course, a great way to start your day with a romance.

Shave your man’s five o’clock shadow. This takes a lot of trust and a steady hand. Men like it when we take charge once in a while so give him the shave of his life.

After a hard day at work, we all have a bit of tension in our joints. Sit your partner down and give them a neck massage. Remember this is no ordinary neck massage though. Be sure to take advantage of the entire five minutes.

Start by unbuttoning a shirt or blouse for your love and easing it off of their shoulders. Use a warm lotion or gel to work out the kinks in the muscles. Try alternating deep muscle massage with gentler strokes to loosen them up.

In our homes, we often pass each other without a word. Many couples live in the same house but act like nothing more than roommates, sometimes worse – strangers. The next time you pass him or her in the hall, give them a big surprise. Pin them against the wall and shower them with kisses for five minutes. Hopefully, by the end of the five minutes they will join in the fun. This is just one of the more aggressive romance ideas that you can do. This adds spice into any relationship.

Aphrodisiacs are supposed to make us feel in a romantic mood. Serve up a before bed snack of chocolate covered strawberries and other fruit. Add a bit of bubbly for even more romance. Romance ideas don’t have to be extravagant. Just put in the effort and you’ll see the outcome.
500 Tips

500tipsThese romantic ideas don’t take a lot of time, but the effects will last beyond the moment. They add a bit of spontaneity which is missing in the busy lives of most couples. Take back your romance five minutes at a time. Plus, these tips can be used for your romantic vacation ideas to add more romance and spice into you and your partner.

Taking your love on a romantic vacation is the ultimate way to spice up your relationship. Checkout some romantic vacation ideas.

Kyle and Jo