How do you help men be romantic? Before knowing that, here are the complaints why some men are so un-romantic: They receive romantic gifts from their husbands that miss the mark totally. The gifts are either appliances for the house or something that the husband could use more than they can. What is going on? Instead of meeting his gaze and gift with a frown and a sigh, give him a helping hand.

This is not just any list though. Give it real thought. Think about the things that you want from him. These should be special things for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, and getting out of the dog house days. Another list can be created for things that he can pick up for you to surprise you or make you feel better when you are down. These lists will give him a great starting point.Girls, we want him to be a mind reader, but the truth is that he will never be able to read our mind. No matter how long you are together, guessing what we want is not going to be one of his strong points. Cut him some slack with a romance list. Help men be romantic by giving hints.

Be specific about what you like. Listing that you like clothes, does not give him an idea of the size, color, brand, style, or particular article of clothing. The same goes for your husband as it does in other areas of your life – you only get what you want if you ask for it. So help men be romantic by giving them the information to please you!

Men often get discouraged with unsuccessful gifts. After a while they will stop trying and go back to the old stand by: flowers and chocolates. There is a book on the market called “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. The book lists the five different types of love languages and describes their attributes. Knowing a person\’s love language can give insight into what will make them love and show love better.

Along with the list, give him the book. After reading the book he might just get romantic ideas for you like embarking on romantic vacation ideas. Anyway, this is as close to mind reading as he will get. If you want something deeper than just the right gift for every occasion, use this book to help him to get in touch with you as a woman. If he uses the book as it was meant, he may not need your romance list to pick out that perfect gift you\’ll love. But, keep your list just in case.

Don\’t hang your man out to dry. Let him know exactly what you want from him and you just may be surprised at what he can deliver when you help men be romantic.

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Kyle and Jo