Women love to be loved. But today, inexpensive romance ideas are the practical ways to do just to keep the romance. The song says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I say that her best friend is her husband.

Make dinner for her. There are plenty of women who work, chauffeur the children, and still make it home in time to prepare a hot dinner. Take the responsibility off of her hands at least one night a week if you can. This may take a bit of planning, but it will be well worth it, trust me. Even if she gets home before you do, offer to take over and finish the meal. As a treat, feed the kids first and save two plates for a romantic dinner after the kids are bathed and tucked in bed. This is by far one of the best romantic ideas that a husband can do for his wife.For those men out there who want to show their wives how they feel, here are seven free inexpensive romance ideas that won’t cost you anywhere near the price of a diamond that doesn’t really show her how you feel anyway.

  1. Run a hot bath. Remember hot baths? They are those warm, sudsy experiences we used to have time for before the kids came along. When the kids are ready for a little play with dad or after they are in bed for the night, run a bath for your wife so that she gets a much deserved break from her day. The waters will soak away the cares of the day and leave her ready to change from worker bee and mom to wife. Add a glass of wine and the bath will be perfect.
  2. Place notes in unexpected places. Men are not adept at this, so it will come as a complete surprise. Put a special love note in her underwear drawer or write it in the steam on the bathroom mirror. There are a ton of places you can drop little notes of love and appreciation for your wife.
  3. Call her throughout the day. She won’t be expecting sweet nothings to be whispered in her ear during the day. Tell her you love her and wanted to make sure she was alright.
    1. Give her a back massage. Picking up toys, cooking, driving, and the like take its toll on the back. Playtime in the tub with the kids is a back breaker, too. Use a warming massage gel to cut the pain as you soothe away the aches and pains with your manly touch.
    2. Get involved in an activity that she likes. Women like when men show genuine interest in them. This includes their activities. You don’t have to join a knitting circle or sewing group, but attend a meeting to show your support and love. Ask her to explain what she does in her cooking class. Cooking together can be fun and quite romantic when done at home.
    3. Pick up after yourself. I pick up socks and shoes on a daily basis. I’ve usually tripped over the shoes first, though. Women are wired to be caregivers. Lighten her load by putting your own things away. She can spend more time focusing on you when she doesn’t have to pick up after you.

Love doesn’t require a big production or lots of dough. If you keep it simple, she’ll still get the message – you love and appreciate her very much. Inexpensive romance ideas keep the idea of making romantic ideas but at less cost. Who knows, maybe after saving money from having inexpensive romance ideas you may go on romantic vacation ideas. But for now, inexpensive romance ideas is about the romance. You don’t have to look at the budget but at the intent of it.

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Kyle and Jo