Husbands need love, too. You need to romance your husband at some point. They work hard for their families and deserve to have a little appreciation. As wives, we know all about the need for appreciation. Show some appreciation by doing these romantic ideas for your husband. Here are some ways that you can show that love and affection to your significant other without spending a dime.

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  • Tell him that you love him. We don’t say it near enough to each other. For most, the words are “understood.” The flaw in that train of thinking is that the understanding can get confusing as time goes on and there is no communication. Tell him when he leaves and when he returns home. End your emails and calls with a special I Love You! Even write a note for him only. This is one of the most common ways to romance your husband.
  • Send him off properly. Have his work items next to the door so he won’t have to go searching for them. If your husband is anything like mine, he makes a wide grid search for his keys every morning. Help him out by having his briefcase, keys, and cell phone next to the door and ready to go. You will be helping him get out of the house and on his way to work on time without the stress of forgetting something.
  • Fix him breakfast in bed. This is something we see on television but many don’t even think to do. They sell those breakfast trays for a few dollars in most home stores. If you have kids to get ready in the morning, then do this on the weekend. You can surprise him with a simple breakfast of cereal (cold or hot) and juice on one day during the week. Rotate the schedule so that he doesn’t get used to your breakfast treats on any certain day.
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  • Meet him at work for lunch. If your man works close by and your schedule allows for it, have lunch together. This requires a bit of forethought since most people’s work schedules don’t mesh without some finagling. Fix a picnic lunch that can be eaten outside at a picnic table or on the grassy knoll. Choosing a few of his favorites gives him something to look forward to besides your bright shining face.
  • How about a foot massage? Feet have a hard time. They take on the pressure of our entire bodies on a daily basis without any thanks. Give his tired feet a well deserved rest with a foot rub. Contrary to popular opinion, men like that spa-like attention. For women who are squeamish about touching or handling feet, soak his feet in some warm water and foot scrub before beginning the massage. You can do it before bed or while you talk about each other’s day.
  • Love doesn’t have to be expensive to have meaning. Sometimes, the simplest things have the most lasting effects. Trying even just one of these suggestions to sure to help your husband feel more appreciated and loved. Who knows he might just start returning the favor if you’re lucky too. So now you know how to romance your husband. You can think of more romantic ideas to this list presented. Plan romantic vacation ideas to bring the romance back during the vacation breaks from your work.
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    Kyle and Jo