Smart packing for Hawaii can help you have a successful vacation, as well as save you money by helping you avoid extra baggage fees or buying forgotten items on the islands.

The first thing to do when packing for Hawaii is to be sure you have all of the important documents you will need. You’ll need identification, your airline tickets and reservations information and your health insurance cards. You might also consider bringing copies of your eyeglass or medication prescriptions, in case you lose anything. Many travelers also make photocopies of important documents on their Hawaii vacation. For example, you might want to copy your driver’s license, health insurance cards and reservations information and pack it separately from the originals. Having these copies might help with replacements if the originals are lost.

When planning what clothing to bring on your romantic vacation in Hawaii, remember that you will spend much of your time outdoors. So bring casual clothing that will be comfortable in the temperate weather. You will also probably be enjoying the pools and beaches frequently during your Hawaii vacation, so bring at least two bathing suits when you are packing for Hawaii. That way, you should always have a dry one to put on.

tn_00699.Waikiki_DayYou’ll also want to bring some lightweight layers when packing for Hawaii. The evenings can be cool, so bring a jacket or sweater that you can put over your clothing. And if you plan to venture to the higher elevations to explore Hawaii’s mountains or volcanoes, you’ll want to bring some warmer clothes to put on during your tour.

If you plan to do any horseback riding or hiking during your Hawaii vacation, be sure to pack at least one pair of jeans or long pants for the trip.

You’ll also need to consider your shoe choices when packing for Hawaii. If you plan to do any hiking or walking on rough terrain during your Hawaii vacation, you’ll need hiking boots or something similar. You’ll also need shoes for the beach and pool, as well as comfortable walking shoes for sight-seeing.

Many supplies that you need on your Hawaii vacation are readily available for purchase o the islands. But keep in mind that since most things are not made in Hawaii, they have to be shipped in, and that makes the prices higher. Here are some other things you’ll want to include when packing for Hawaii:

Sun protection. Remember that you will be closer to the Equator in Hawaii than you are at home, and the sun will be stronger. You’ll need plenty of sunblock, as well as a hat that will shade your scalp, ears, face and neck for your Hawaii vacation. You should also bring at least one pair of sunglasses.
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10511174-6Photo supplies. The natural beauty of Hawaii will make every traveler a shutterbug. Be sure you have packed a camera with extra memory cards or film and extra batteries.

Many airlines have limits on how much luggage you can bring, as well as extra baggage fees. To save money and hassle, call the airline to check on these fees before packing for Hawaii. If your Hawaii hotel or private vacation rental has laundry facilities, you can pack lighter and planning on laundering your clothes during your Hawaii vacation.

One last consideration in packing for Hawaii: Don’t forget that you’ll probably be bringing home some souvenirs. Leave extra room in your luggage or bring an empty, collapsible bag to carry home all the memories of your romantic vacation.

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