If you would like a more relaxed romantic vacation, Molokai attractions are less crowded than the tourist destinations on many other Hawaiian islands.

Molokai and Lanai are two islands that are known for their natural beauty. This natural beauty seems untouched when compared with the commercialization that takes place at many romantic Hawaii destinations.

Many travelers are surprised to learn that Molokai attractions have so much fun, relaxation and entertainment to offer. To help you plan your trip, a few of the most popular Molokai attractions are outlined below.

Halawa Valley

A hike through the beautiful Halawa Valley is a must-visit Molokai attraction. The area is also known as the “cathedral valley” of Hawaii. Here you will find an amazing landscape filled with rare, tropical plants and flowers. It is a vacation photographer’s paradise.

Hidden throughout the valley are ancient places of worship, and the gorgeous double-tiered Mooula Falls. According to Hawaii’s Official Tourism Site, guided hiking tours are the only way to explore the Halawa Valley.

You’ll need to hire a guide to explore the valley, because part of the trail is on private property.

21Kalaupapa National Historic Park

Along the northern shore of Molokai is Kalaupapa National Historic Park. This Molokai attraction is only accessible through a guided mule ride. You cannot drive the trail.

The three-mile, 90-minute trail ride takes you along the tallest sea cliffs in the United States and offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

While you are in Kalaupapa, you might also learn a little Hawaiian history by visiting the historic St. Philomena Catholic Church, which was founded by Father Damien, a Belgian missionary who came to Molokai in the nineteenth century.

Waikolu Valley Overlook

A visit to the Waikolu Valley Overlook might affect your rental car reservation for your Hawaii vacation. This Molokai attraction is only accessible by a 4-wheel drive vehicle, so it’s best to plan ahead.

While driving the main road to the Waikolu Valley Overlook, keep an eye out for the handiwork of a very creative Hawaiian woodworker. His carvings of an old man in a tree and a coiled snake can be seen from the road.

At the main lookout point, you will be treated to romantic views of the ocean, as well as waterfalls and fantastic sea cliffs.

Kamakou Preserve

After your drive to the Waikolu Valley Overlook, you might want to hike the path to the Kamakou Preserve.

This 3,000-acre Molokai attraction features hundreds of plant varieties that can only be found the preserve. The Kamakou Preserve is an untouched, hidden garden that is also home to rare birds, like the olomao and kawawahie.

A visit to the Kamakou Preserve requires only a short hike and is accessible for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Papohaku Beach

And what would a romantic vacation be without a visit to a beautiful white sand beach?

That’s why Papohaku Beach is among the most popular Molokai attractions. You might hear Papohaku called by its other name, Three Mile Beach. Hawaii tourism officials say it is the largest white sand beach in the state.

From numerous lookout points, you can see the neighboring island of Oahu. Camping, picnicking, swimming, and sunbathing are all popular activities enjoyed on Papohaku Beach, but it is still one of the least crowded beaches you could visit in Hawaii.

As you can see, there is no shortage of romantic places to visit in Molokai. Although Molokai isn’t always listed as a popular Hawaii vacation destination, it should be. In addition to the Molokai attractions mentioned here, there are also many “hidden gems,” for you to discover throughout the island.

Find Out More About Molokai Attractions

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