There’s a reason that a Hawaii honeymoon often tops the honeymoon of choice for newlyweds. Many, rightly so, see it as the very model of a romantic spot to spend those few days or weeks celebrating a new marriage. Its relaxing and couple-friendly atmosphere is the perfect spot for newlyweds.

A Hawaii honeymoon has it all: tropical breezes, glorious sunsets, gorgeous hotels and the ever present sea. It’s exotic, which always a good element in a honeymoon destination. But, as part of the U.S., it’s also a known quantity, safe and easy to reach with little chance of things going wrong.

Hotels and cruise ships cater to the Hawaii honeymooners with their best packages. They know the happy couple will spend a little more to get a cottage or room that suits their mood. The couple will delight in the amenities offered. Everybody wins in a Hawaii honeymoon!

Whether the stay is a few days or a few weeks, there are options available in all price ranges. For a stay of a few days, airlines will often offer special fares for those who book well in advance. For those who have the time, cruise ships offer special honeymoon packages to accommodate newlyweds on a budget.

Hotels offer similar arrangements for your Hawaii honeymoon. But at the same time, like the cruise ships, they don’t skimp on the value. They know that couples will tell their friends. So, they roll out the red carpet for those who come to Hawaii, whether their accommodation is the smaller budget room or the high-end luxury suite.

Beyond the travel and room arrangements, Hawaii honeymoon packagesoffer many additional worthwhile amenities. Some couples will want nothing more than to hold hands on the beach or spend intimate hours in their room. Privacy is always provided to guests. But many will want to get out and explore, to expand their list of memories to take back home.

Bicycles, motorbikes and small self-directed boat trips are often part of the deal. Short, small-ship cruises around the islands are another popular offering. But there’s more in your Hawaii honeymoon. Hawaiian honeymoon packages often include knowledgeable and friendly guides. Those employees may serve as the lead on a climbing trip up one of the famed lava laden mountains. Or, they may offer interesting bits of local lore while showing the couple around a lush tropical forest.

Guides can do more than just offer information, though. They can instruct. Part of your Hawaii honeymoon may involve learning a new skill – bungee jumping, kayaking and others. Expert instructors will show you how to safely indulge your passion for adventure on a trip dedicated to passion.

Your Hawaii honeymoon may be focused on the main island of Hawaii. Or, it can involve a stay or a short side trip to Maui, Oahu or any of the islands making up this state. Whatever your preference, there’s a honeymoon package that will provide the perfect options in this perfect destination. Since it’s your honeymoon, would you settle for anything less?

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