Spa Weekend Getaways

To revive mind and body, people can go for spa weekend getaways and book a weekend package to “get the kick” back to one’s self. There are several types you can choose from, and you can look forward to getting the best out of these spa getaways. Have your spouse join you and it makes a great romantic getaway too.

A weekend getaway at Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa can get you two nights of hotel accommodation, with daily breakfast. You can have two 50-minute spa services in this weekend getaway and the cost per person can range from $445 to $595 depending upon your date of travel. Cost of air fare is not included in this weekend getaway.

Spa weekend getaways can be enjoyed in many places, like a package available in New York, at the Spa and Salon at Mirror Lake Inn. This is a health spa package offered and can include body treatments and also includes hair care and facials. The rates can range from $150 to $250 per night and will depend on the season. One can enjoy the whirlpool, sauna, waterfall, and pool in this weekend getaway. A seaweed body mask can be enjoyed here as well as an aromatherapy soother spa treatment. For this weekend getaway, one can indulge in a rejuvenator spa treatment including exfoliation, as well as a herbal wrap and reflexology.

There are also spa weekend getaways that are intriguing, like a spa in Sedona, Arizona, where one can immerse his or her mind and body utilizing a selection of spa treatments. These are spa treatments probably not experienced yet by the client. These are spa treatments that can include a two hour emotional clearing treatment and also 90 minutes of bodywork and energy work using hot stones.

img-spa-weekend-getawaysThe spa weekend package can also include a two and a half hour inner journey utilizing breathing and sound techniques. This spa package also includes a one and one half hour of body wrap. One can really have an indulging experience in the spa package offered in this place.

There are some spa weekend options that are unique and really intriguing. Like the spa in Sedona mentioned above; they are getting enthusiastic reviews by people who have found a new lease on life after the spa experience. They describe this as a transformational experience. They are getting not only a revitalized body but a renewed soul as well. You can check Sedona Soul Adventures for more information on this spa package.