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When you vacation at an all inclusive resort, you pay one price for many of the amenities you want and need in a romantic trip. But you should remember that there is no standard definition for a “all inclusive” so be sure that you know exactly what is included in your romantic vacation BEFORE you make a reservation.

Many all inclusive resorts offer airfare, accommodations, meals, all or some drinks and most recreational activities for that one price. Here’s a look at what some of the things that might be offered at your all inclusive hotel:

Outdoor Activities
Most all inclusive resorts are on beaches in the Caribbean and Mexico, so outdoor activities will fill many of your days. Sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and snorkeling could be part of your package deal. Most resorts also have swimming pools, tennis courts and fitness centers. Some all inclusive resorts even include golf green fees, scuba diving and off-site excursions!

Most all inclusive resorts offer nightly entertainment, including everything from dancing to Karaoke to Broadway-style revues. You will probably find that your vacation resort will have a different theme each night that will relate to a party, show or other guest activities.

The most common amenity at an all inclusive resort is food. You will likely have a variety of choices during your vacation, including buffets, room service and casual, poolside snacks. Some all inclusive hotels offer fine dining restaurants, which can be more romantic. Be sure to review all your meal choices before your all inclusive vacation. At some resorts, you may need a reservation for certain restaurants.

Here’s another area where you should research the package before making a reservation at an all inclusive resort. Unlimited soft drinks and juices are usually part of an all inclusive vacation, but check into your chosen resort’s alcohol policy. Many all inclusive vacation resorts include alcoholic beverages. But there can be restrictions and extra charges, so be sure you know the policies before your trip. Some include local drinks and have an increased price for “premium” beverages.

Kids’ Programs
Some all inclusive resorts have extensive programs for children, but they do vary. Some resorts are focused on child care for young children, while others offer extensive entertainment and learning experiences for infants all the way through teens. Your resort’s kids’ program can be very important if you are trying to combine a family vacation with some romance.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if you are traveling without children, you may want to stay away from all inclusive resorts that offer extensive programs for children. Remember that some resorts have a family friendly feel, while the activities at others are geared more toward activities for couples.

If you are bringing children on your all inclusive vacation, we should not that the hours of operation and kids’ programs offered can vary by the season and by how many children are enrolled. So be sure you know what will be happening during the time of your vacation.

You often have a choice of accommodations at all inclusive resorts. You may be able to choose from villas and different hotel room styles, including everything from a standard room to a suite. Your room’s location often factors into the price of your vacation at an all inclusive hotel.

Your flights are usually included in the price of your all inclusive resort vacation. Your transportation to the resort and back to the airport is usually included, too. If the airport transfers are not included, your resort or travel agent can help you make those arrangements before your romantic vacation.

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