beach of the Maldives


The beach of the Maldives is famous worldwide. If you are planning a trip to either Maldives or one of the surrounding islands, make sure you are prepared for a treat of island bliss, culture, and an interesting feel that only a melting pot like this beach paradise can produce.

The Maldives is a series of tropical country spread out spread out over 35,000 square miles in the Indian Ocean and is composed of 26 coral atolls, which are made up of hundreds of islands. Maldives is best known for its beaches, blue lagoons and impressive coral reefs. There are many beaches and they draw people from far and wide. This heart shaped island is surrounded by such wonderful beaches.

Maldives heart shaped island


The Maldivian people are thought to be a mixture of people who ventured some 4,000 years ago from either Sri Lanka or even Southern India. While it is possible that the people are a mix of the two, there are also hints that they have came from even farther lands to settle here.

If you are looking to take a holiday on the Maldives, you are bound to meet any number of people who might be of African, Arab, and even Southeast Asian descent. The intriguing mixture of people, beliefs, and customs.

at the beach of the MaldivesAlong the beach of the Maldives, you’ll find different shops that align the streets, which display some of the interesting handicrafts and artwork of the land’s inhabitants. The interesting Maldivian script, showing hints of a mixture of Latin and Arabic patterns display the works of the people.

Also, surrounding the beach of the country in the early morning, you’ll see fisherman preparing for their daily work. While the women tend to stay at home and care after the children and the household, the men take to the seas. If you bring your camera, you will be sure to capture some brilliant shots of these hardworking and proud mariners. Tuna is a major fish crop that is also a huge part of the Maldivian diet and many dishes are prepared with it.

While along the beach of the Maldives, you’ll also find many stands selling culinary fish delights. However, the people and their restaurants offer an adventure for any epicurean’s taste buds as dishes are often mixed with Indian and Oriental flavors that will surely please.

If you are looking to travel to the beach of the Maldives, any number of transport routes exists by air and sea. Countries such as Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, the UAE, and even Pakistan operate flights to the Maldives. These flights come into the Male international airport. Here, you can also book inter-island flights on one of the many carriers who travel by helicopter.

Ask your agent or an attendant about booking a sightseeing tour by air where you can capture some of the most brilliant pictures of the beach of the Maldives. If you want to travel while on any one of the islands, walking is always a great way to get around, as is renting a motorbike or by taking a taxi. Prices should be arranged before taking transport by air, sea, or road.

One of the most famous beach of the Maldives is on Vaadhoo Island

Vaadhoo Island has a big surprise at night on the beach because it glows in the dark.  The captivating glowing water looks like a mirror that reflects the sparkling stars above. However, the magic is marine microbes which are bio-luminescent and emanate the blue radiance. This results in the most romantic natural lighting in the world 🙂

Beach of Vaadhoo Island Maldives


Traveling to the romantic Maldives is an adventure all its own. With culinary delights and a culture that is as diverse as any, a trip to the Maldives is a delight not only for the senses, but for the heart as well.

Kyle and Jo