Find Cheap Romantic Vacations

Cheap romantic getaways don’t have to be deprived of that romantic quality factor. We know what’s stopping you from enjoying fun in the sun surrounded by crystal clear waters. For many the top reason they can’t enjoy the romantic getaway of their dreams is due to the price tag.

When people think of romantic getaways, they think of faraway places in exotic locales and normally these types of vacations aren’t very friendly on the wallet but they sure are great romantic ideas, romantic vacation ideas that is. Don’t give up though. These are not the only romantic getaways to be enjoyed.

Instead of thinking of a budget as restrictive, think of it as the first step in your plan to enjoy a worry-free romantic getaway. Look to your budget as a friend who helps keep you in check, not the enemy keeping you from experiencing the romantic vacation you want. These helpful hints will guide you in planning cheap romantic getaways.

According to experts – couples should take two long vacations and two short getaways a year to keep the relationship strong. We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to help you enjoy the most romantic getaway under your budget. Read on!

1. Plan Your Romantic Getaway Early For Better Pricing

The best deals are normally found far in advance of the trip. Especially for cruises, flights and hotels where space is limited. Now it should be noted that there are savings no matter when you book but if you can schedule it ahead of time you can score better deals. By planning ahead you may find that you can afford to budget a romantic jaunt once every season instead of just once a year. Once a month is also doable if you keep the trips simple.

2. How Find a Cheaper Car Rental

You can start your search for a rental car by comparing prices online. Booking early also allows you to find better deals as well as look into renting a car with other people. You can also find a car rental on Groupon where you can score some great rates especially if you book during the early part of the week and for shorter durations. Also check any clubs that might give you a discount such as AAA, Costco etc.

Cheaper rental prices can be found if you pick up the car on Thursday and return it on a Monday. This is a good way to travel without adding mileage to your own car. For locations that are not too far away but require a bit of time driving, use the road trip to spend time talking and enjoying the scenery along the way.

3. Don’t Forget to Explore Your Own Backyard

We often think of a getaway as leaving our state, but any change of location that is relaxing and romantic is a great way for couples to spend time together. Check out the mountains and beaches in your state. Each state has points of interest. For example, in the state of North Carolina, there are romantic cabins and hotels in mountainous areas like Asheville. There are also beachfront views in Wilmington and the Outer Banks.

Or if you live near a big city, take a weekend to go out and explore. In big cities around the world, there are many different types of restaurants, museums and landmarks – not to mention shops! Seeing new things can be exciting for any couple looking for a cheap romantic getaway. The key is to find a location that has things for you both to do. If there are attractions or activities you would enjoy, then your romantic getaway will be off to a great start!

4. Go in the Off Season 

The off season is the time of year when tourism activity is at its lowest in a destination, usually owing to weather. Summertime is almost always high season, while wintertime is almost always low season. Of course, there are always exceptions and variables to consider such as what hemisphere the destination is in or what sort of activities you want to participate in. Winter in the Austrian Alps, for example, is regarded as high season due to the large number of skiers and snowboarders who visit.

When you are looking for cheap romantic getaways, many people automatically think of the summer months. However, these are also one of the most popular times to go on vacation. If you can’t afford a nice resort during these months, try going in the off-season instead. Consider heading north during the winter for some skiing or snowboarding. This is cheaper because many people don’t travel by plane or drive hours just to board at a mountain when it’s chilly outside.

If that sounds too extreme, consider taking advantage of lower prices in another way—by spending more time there! Instead of leaving after five days, stay seven so that your dollar goes further because many resorts have half-price deals if you stay a week

5. Book an All Inclusive Resort for Cheap Romantic Getaways 

With all inclusive resorts, all of your food and drink is covered in the price. This means that you can have all of the food and drinks you want all day for a set price. Many all inclusive resorts offer much cheaper prices than their non-inclusive counterparts because they make up for the lack of custom with an increased price elsewhere. That doesn’t mean that all all inclusive resorts are cheap though, so be sure to look around online and see what’s on offer before making any decisions!

Not all all inclusive resorts are created equally, however. There are a number of tricks and tips that can help you find an all inclusive resort that is as cheap as possible.

Book all of your needs in one go. If you book all of your flights and all of your resort needs at the same time then you will be able to get a much better price. This might seem like common sense, but many people only book one part and hope for the best with the rest, which often backfires by them ending up spending more than they meant to. The other reason it is important to book everything together is because if there isn’t anywhere good nearby where you’re staying then it becomes much harder to elsewhere!

Look ahead. When booking an all inclusive resort online, look as far ahead as possible so that you can get the cheapest deal. Sometimes flights and hotel prices will change over time according to demand, which means that by planning ahead a little bit then you could end up saving yourself a lot of money. This all depends on how flexible you are

If the romantic getaway is to last three or four days, research all inclusive trips. With these deals, airfare, hotel, and food are included. A number of activities are included in the package so you don’t have to leave the resort if you don’t want to. Mexico and the Caribbean are the best places to find all-inclusive resorts.

A budget doesn’t have to stop you from spending time together away from it all. In fact, planning ahead makes the trip more romantic, because money is the last thing you have to think about. Instead you can concentrate on each other, which is the whole point of a romantic getaway in the first place, right?

Cheap romantic getaways can be more romantic than the usual romantic dates you know.

Taking your love on a romantic vacation or cheap romantic getaways is the ultimate way to spice up your relationship. Checkout some of our romantic vacation ideas

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